Emotion is really a reflection of your state of mind to a particular situation. As humans every one of us are prone to burst into emotional reaction that can have far reaching consequence in the minds of those who surround us. How you control your emotion is important because you will be leaving many impressions about you that are hard to erase from the mind of others, particularly if it is negative. Sometime we reveal our emotions as we fail to control it in a particular situation. That is why you need to know how to control your emotions so that you do not feel regret for this outburst later on.


Finding the right outlet for your emotions are important, or better still is to control your emotion, how you do it, is a matter of choice under you control. Make the most of the tips you will read below.


1.      Food you consume has a profound effect on the way you react to situations, especially those that can charge you emotionally. Animal flesh and spicy food if taken in large quantities are known to make people emotional, so keep them to the minimal possible. Alcohol and banned addictive drugs are also known to cause negative emotions in large quantities and if you can desist from using them it is best.

2.      Do not panic even in the most trying situation if you wish to control your emotions. Take stock of the situation objectively and if time permits move away from the event that caused the situation. Return back latter and then plan your strategy. Time is the best healer and often the problem fades off with little efforts from your end. Taking an emotional decision means you get trapped into an unwanted situation.

3.      Avoid dependency on others for your sustenance. Disappointments are often the reason for emotional outbursts if you have pitched too high on someone’s support, especially in close relationships. Expect the most unexpected things to happen and plan ahead for that event and see how well you can break away from exposing your emotions. It is one of the surest ways to control your emotions.

4.      Do not be too possessive about anything in this world, and that includes your kids, husband, parents and siblings too. You must understand that everyone has their own view about life and how they want to go about making the most of it. Expression of emotions will hardly bring any change in them, so leave it to nature to take its due course and keep yourself detached to control your emotion.

5.      Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to control emotion. Meditation teaches you the pros of keeping your mind under control even as you face the most trying situation. In fact yoga is the other facet of meditation and if practiced under expert guidance will give you the strength to withstand even the worst things in your life. Yoga and meditation don’t need to be expensive either; it can be done at home during your leisure time. You can also buy a book on how to control your emotion to practice the suggested tips. Give it a try; there is nothing to lose.

6.      Do not crave for more than what you deserve. Be consistent with your desires, expectations and results. Remember that you don’t have a natural right to the success of your effort; all you can do is try harder and hope for the best- that is how nature really works. Master the art of moderate living and your control over your emotion will remain intact. Never again you will weep or throw tantrums that others will hate.

7.      Whenever you are in a vulnerable emotional situation try to clam your mind. Count in descending order can be a good way to take your mind out of the situation. Try to practice these kinds of mind detracting tasks to control your temper as well as the emotion.

8.      Seeking guidance on how to control your emotion from professional psychiatrist and therapists is recommended for those who are on the extreme. Professionals usually have the experience of others who have gone through the same emotions you are going through. Talking to them without mincing the least can really be helpful. They can even prescribe medication and offer treatment. You will never go wrong by putting yourself in their care. Counseling is sure to help you if only you are willing to go for it.


How to control your emotion and overcoming the negative effects of emotion display is a professional subject that needs your co-operation and your immediate family’s participation, just as much as the counsel of a psychiatrist, and your own recognition that you have a problem. If recognized then most of it can be overcome easily with least effort.