It is a good idea to allow your child to make use of the internet using their iPads, laptops and Smartphones. They can learn a lot from the use of the internet or obtain useful information from the internet. However, there is always the danger of spending more time in the social media doing things that are not actually necessary or that will lead to them problem. It is possible for a child to spend up to 20 hours playing games on the internet or chatting with friends over the internet. Given this, you need to control your child's use of the internet whether during their vacation period or when the school year is still in section. There are a number of means you can apply in order to control your child's use of the internet. Here are some of the tips to apply to enable you control how your child make use of the internet.

Keep their laptops in a common place

Nowadays, many parents allow their children to do their school works or to use the internet to learn. Even today, many school use the internet in teaching children. Some schools include laptops and smartphones in the prospectus they give to parents whose children are registered in their schools. So, they cannot avoid totally the use of the internet. However, if you buy them laptops and computers or even iPods and iPhones, you should keep it in a common place or in another room different from their rooms. In this way, you will know exactly when they are making use of the internet

Create timetable for them

Yes, you should create study timetable for your children. Include the time for using the internet and ensure that you use the internet only during the time allotted to it. If you don't create a timetable for them, there is the probability that they will use all their free time at home to surf the internet. If left unchecked, they spend greater percentage of their time doing things that are not relevant. So, if you create a timetable for them, it will help to limit their use of the internet. Make sure that, they have enough time for their studies outside the internet world. Remember that no matter the benefit offered by the internet, they still need to read their books and do their assignments.

Help your children source for information on the internet

When you children are researching through the internet, it is important that you join them in the research and ensure that they obtain correct information. The internet is a good source of information. However, one can also get junks from it. There are a lot of sites that do not provide correct information and verify their information before posting them. If you don't help your children source for information or do their research on the internet, they may end up getting the wrong information.

Subscribe and register them with sites meant for children

If you want to register them for gaming sites, make sure that the sites are meant for children. It is even better to register them in sites that offer learning games for children. In this way, they will not fall prey to internet fraud stars who create bogus sites claiming to provide them with good games.

Do not allow your children to use the internet during bedtime

When it is time for your children to sleep, you should ensure that they go to bed but not with their laptops, iPod, iPhone and smartphone. Ask them to keep these devices in the common room when they are going to bed so that they will not use them at night. If you allow them to go to bed with their gadgets, they will definitely use them in their rooms rather than sleeping.