The control of water pollution requires a concerted effort. It is not something the government can do alone. Some of the control measures should are to be done at home while some are supposed to be carried out by the government. Here are some of the ways through which water pollution can be controlled and eradicated.

Home measures

As mentioned above, there are a lot of things that you should do in your home in order to control the pollution of water. At home, we generate a lot of waste some of which are not good for the sewage system. They facilitate the pollution of water at home and in the city. When you are cooking, the fat, oil, grease and other solid waste generated should not be poured in the sink. Use a fat jar to collect all the fats and then throw into the waste bin.

Dispose the household chemicals as well as cleaning agents in the right waste collection if such a thing exist in your locality. It is not proper to dispose them in the sink and toilet. The disposal of these harmful materials in the sink, toilet and sink will eventually pollute the water. The same could be said of pills, powder, medications, or drug. These substances should not be flushed down the toilet. The toilet is not a wastebasket and thus should not be used as such. Some people have develop the habit of throwing tissues, dust cloths, wrappers, condoms, paper goods, dust cloths and the likes into the toilet. This should not be be the case.

Measures by the government

The government of every nation should try to build a quality and efficient sewage disposal system in their various countries so that liquid waste generated at home, offices and various commercial establishments. There should be sewage links for detergents and chemical wastes generated at home. In this, chemical waste generated at home will not be mixed up with other liquid wastes generated at home. 

Banning the dumping of petrol-chemical and refuse into the water bodies

The government should make laws that prohibit the dumping of refuses, industrial wastes and petrochemicals into the water bodies such as the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. In some societies, refuse removal companies and some industries dump refuses in the high oceans, rivers and other water bodies. In this way, they pollute the water and endanger the habitat of the aquatic animals.

Siting the industries away from home

The government make rules that will ensure that industries are not sited close to residential places. The siting of industries close to the home help in the pollution of sewage system which will end up polluting the drinking water.