Most women talk of body language but have never, and will never use them because they don’t know how to. The use of body language is the most advance and, in fact, the most effective means of romantically communicating to the opposite sex when you want to get him or her in the mood. 


Men love body language more than you can ever imagine and as a woman, you’ve got to know how to use yours if you nurture the dream of attracting any man of your choice. For men who understand this perfectly, it is just a matter of a snip of the finger and they are yours. In as much as men are turned on by what they see on a woman, you can’t always count on that right? You need to take the bull by the horns by instigating that attraction and attention by hook or by crook and the use of body language is a perfect idea. What are the techniques?


  • With your good looking face, take a beautiful broad smile at him when you are sure he was looking.
  • You can use those beautiful eyes of yours. Briefly cast a short darting glance at him. This will give him the impression that you find something special in him.
  • This time around, it is your lips that have to do the work. Make him see you salivate like never before. Most men would think it was a hunger for them.
  • Now, you can make use of your hair. Flip it as you look directly at this man that is driving you crazy.
  • Dancing all alone to a very nice music is also a way of drawing a man’s attention. You can, as well, snap your fingers in an effort to time the beat of the music playing. He can ask for a dance with you.
  • You can while tossing your head, make a glance at him. Ensure that he sees this. 
  • Men at times understand a woman crossing cross her legs and uncross it after a few seconds as body language. It tells them you need something only they can give – attention.
  • This might seem somehow out of the line. However, you need to draw a man’s attention here, so it is worth it. Cross your upper leg towards his and allow it to stay there for as long as you wish.
  • Following the initial step, thrust your leg in an up and down movement.
  • While walking away from the man’s presence, try making your hip involved in your movement more than normal.
  • Where he is alone, go beside him and take a sit. It is a sign that you feel comfortable and definitely have no problem having him around you alone. He will surely start a conversation even if he’s dumb.


If you know how effective the above listed body languages are, you’ll use them to your advantage when necessary. Also note that body language do not tell a man how madly in love you are with him. It only makes him get interested in knowing you. That can then graduate into what you may or may not want.