It is very challenging and difficult to take care of twins or two babies of different ages. If you are a parent of two siblings that are of the same age or within the same age, you can reduce the pain and stress involved in taking good care of two babies by using double stroller. These double strollers are designed to carry two babies at the same. Just like single strollers, they are available in a number of types. Choosing a suitable type may be difficult and challenging for first time buyers. There are a number of factors to take into consideration. Here are some tips to apply when it is time for you to purchase a double stroller.

Make your budget

These products are available in different price range. There is the tendency for some people to judge quality based on price only. Though the quality of a product determines its cost to a certain extent but this is not always the case. So, make your budget bearing this in mind. Research the market, you will find quality products that are sold at a discount rate. So, always make your budget and stick to it.

Consider the age and weight of your babies

One factor that you should always consider when you are making your budget is the age and weight of your children. Each product has its minimum and maximum weight capacity. There are designs meant for carrying babies that are heavy and products meant for light babies. Before you pick any product, it is advisable that you pick a design that can carry your children without any possibility of breaking. Measure the weight of your children and check the maximum weight capacity of the seats of the double strollers that you want to buy and then choose accordingly.

Consider usage

Are you going to be using the stroller regularly or less frequently? This is a big question to ask. If you are using it frequently, then you have to go for a design made from durable and strong materials. Such a design will last for manx years. You can even resell it when you are no longer using it. 

Consider the comfort level

How comfortable and relaxing your babies will feel when on the seats depend on the seat itself. If the seats are cushioned, your babies will feel relaxed and comfortable. It is also advisable to look for a design with reclinable seats. If the seats are reclinable, you will be able to set it to suit the needs of your babies.

Consider other features

Other features that you should consider is the maneuverability, mobility and portability of the product. Some products are very heavy and thus difficult to carry or convey from one place to another while some are available in a lightweight design. The wheel/tire system is another feature to check because it determines the mobility and maneuverability.