Cherish each moment, each hour in each day,
The enemy, Time, just keeps slipping away.
Life passes so swiftly and waits for no man,
So cherish each second while you still can.


One moment of anger is one moment lost,
You can never regain it, but that is the cost
Of moments we squander on hatred and fear.
Too late we discover the cost was too dear.


Cherish your loved ones before it’s too late,
In case life without them is part of your fate,
Tell them you love them while they are still here,
So they’ll know their existence is what you hold dear.


Don’t waste time reflecting on trivial matters
Don’t worry and fret while watching dreams shatter,
Grab hold of those moments and turn life around,
Just cherish those moments while they still abound.


We cannot step backward to relive one hour.
Recapturing time is not in our power,
And as we grow older, time goes by much faster,
So cherish each moment, they’re gifts from the Master.



                                            Shirley Love


Since childhood, we have had incidents both big and small which have etched their places in our heart as well as in our memory. We all keep thinking of some way or the other as to how to cherish this moment. These memories are one of the most precious treasures to a person.


There are many moments that one wants to treasure and keep it for their sake. Some of them could be as big and important as your engagement, wedding, birth of your child, graduation ceremony or could be anything related to your childhood, parents, grand parents or even your ancestral property. The question is how to cherish this moment. These moments hold a special value for us in our hearts and the mere remembrance can fill our life with joy and happiness. We need to capture these moments of true happiness in such a way that it stays with us forever. Here are some ways to answer the question how to cherish this moment.


Cameras and Photographs

Cameras or photographs are one of the most perfect answers to the question as to how to cherish the moment. They capture the time perfectly for our benefit. Photos tend to freeze the moment of joy for us and whenever we want to relive the moment, we can do that just by looking at them. Of course, they are static in nature, but this form of taking a note of our celebrations and happiness is one of the oldest forms in the history of mankind. Centuries ago when the art of reading and writing were not discovered, man made paintings and drawings to convey these events. One can still find such drawings in the caves inhabited by the early man.


Keep sakes

Another answer to how to cherish the moment is keep sakes. Keep sakes are nothing but any object which holds a special place in your heart and is of some sentimental value to you. Keep sakes are for nostalgic reasons and remind you of the days gone by. It could be a box of seashell which your partner had got when you went on a honey moon trip with him or wrapping paper of all the gifts you received on Christmas or any important festival. For example, you may want to cherish the childhood of your child. For this, you can preserve his or her clothes or toys as keep sakes. You can also make a keep sake of your own which is cute as well as innovative like the footprints or prints of his hands. You can even keep your toddler’s first writing or painting which he would have done years ago. The keep sake can also be a scrap from his first school uniform or a greeting card made by him.


Diary or journal

Diary or journal entries are also one of the most popular methods to keep the essence of those beautiful memories alive. For all those people who love to write and keep an account of their daily activities, cherishing moments becomes easy for them. This is one of the ways as to how to cherish the moment. Writing a diary has its own advantages like


·        One has to remember each detail of the day before penning it. This way your mind gets exercised.

·        Privacy is maintained as there is no one else to read your thoughts.

·        You are totally honest and there is no need to fake your feelings.

The habit of writing a diary or maintaining a journal of daily records shows one's own inner thoughts and reflection of your soul. It helps in putting your actions and pent up thoughts on a piece of paper.



Celebration is the perfect but temporary answer to the question how to cherish the moment. Any occasion if planned well in advance could turn out to be an event about which people praise. Important events like marriage or baby shower need to be taken up in such a manner that all the people concerned should enjoy themselves. Guests need to be looked after well. You can also give this herculean task to an event manager or a party organizer. These organizers are within your means and you can keep the cost in check by providing your own ideas as well. So, now you can make every moment memorable and a special one by arranging well and making difference.


How to cherish the moment is a question which can be easily answered. With the above mentioned ways, you can not only make your events a memorable one but also one which can be cherished long after the moment has gone.