One of the special day in everybody's life is their birthday. Though, it is celebrated once every year, people don't normally put their birthday on a low profile. It is a time you know people who love you because they will give you lots of gifts. If you really love your boyfriend, you will try to make him happy during this day. If you are worrying about how to the day memorable for him, you are not alone. You don't have to worry yourself so much about it. There are different ways of making him have a memorable birthday celebration. Here are some of the things you should do to give your boyfriend a memorable birthday celebration.


Prepare his favorite meal

If you guy is the type that likes eating then you should consider preparing his favorite meals for him. You know your boyfriend very well and so you should know what his favorite dishes are. If you are just starting a relationship with him, then you have to take time to find out what his favorite dishes are. Take time to prepare a delicious dish for him. A lot of men are very happy when the woman they love cook for them during their birthday celebration. But if you want to them to fall for you then you should prepare their favorite dishes for them. It is said that men are easily touched emotionally through their tummy. If you are able to satisfy them emotionally, you have won their heart.


Prepare his favorite dessert for him

There is no doubt that the first thing that will come to your mind when the birthday of your boyfriend is approaching is to prepare a birthday cake for him. Birthday is good but it is common. If you want to do uncommon thing, you should consider preparing his favorite dessert. Find out what his favorites desserts and then take time to prepare it for him. However, you should not forget to add burning candle to it to make it really look like birthday dessert.


Write him a love letter

Nowadays, people rarely write love letters. Few line text messages or emails have taken the place of letter writing. But one thing about letter writing is more emotional and elaborate than text message. This is because people take time to write letters. You can surprise your boyfriend during his forthcoming birthday celebration by touching his emotions through a love letter. Sit down and take time to compose a wonderful love letter for your boyfriend. In the letter let him know how his birthday becomes a blessing to you and how much you love him and how happy you are for him during his Birthday celebration.


Take him to an event

If there is any event to be hosted during his birthday celebration or during the week of his birthday, you should consider taking him to that event. Get a ticket for both of you and them present the ticket for him during his birthday. If the event does not fall on his birthday, you may buy small gift and then wrap it with the ticket. Believe me he will jump when he opens the wrap and sees the ticket especially if he has wanted to attend the event.

Organise a surprise birthday party for him

If you have the money or if you can foot the bill, then it is worth doing to organize a surprise birthday party for him. Normally, birthday parties are organized for children and adults celebrating a milestone such as 25 years of age, 50th or 75th birthday. But you can make your boyfriend to remember his childhood age by throwing a part for him. However, you have to ensure that it is properly organized. Send invites on time. If you want it to be a surprise party for your birthday, then you should let the guests to know so that they will not ask him or tell him.