An effective organization culture is the dream of a lot of leaders. One of the primary responsibilities of the strategic leader is to thrive and facilitate the growth of an organization. It is a fundamental aspect of the organization, but basic question that strikes mind is how to build organization culture and how does one go about changing the culture and what affect it carries on an organization.


Concept Of Culture

Culture is used to describe the behaviors representing operating norms in the environment. It is a generalized concept reflecting the aspects likely to support progress and success. It is a behavior that is imbibed in an individual through learning process. Culture is a sense of interaction learned via communication between the employees. It is a language learned through open doors by the outgoing behavior and values of an employee.


Significance Of Culture

Culture is an important aspect that maintains and encourages collective effort of an organization. It grows with the development of an organization and survives the environment. In the present days, many complex issues have been confronted by the leaders due to lack in visualizing the demands of organization’s environment. It is analyzed that new plans and policies focusing strategic visions are failing due to inconsistency with organization’s culture. Hence, it largely depends on the leader’s foresight how to build organization culture.


Defining Organization Culture

There is no specific definition for organization culture rather this broad concept is to be understood from variety of perspectives ranging from disciplines, sociology to organization behavior and management sciences. Organization culture is a set of standards for perceiving, evaluating and meaning shared by a group of people that are mostly implicit and distinctive to the particular group. It is a system of knowledge around which action is organized that communicates human to his environmental setup. It is a deep concept involving survival of an individual in an external environment, the problem faced and shared by an individual with other member unconsciously and this is how to build organization culture can be visualized. Organizational culture is a dynamic concept welcoming the outside changes and adapt quickly, as a newly employed finds very difficult to survive in a different environment but soon that strangeness disappears and he starts perceiving and following organizational values.


Building An Effective Organizational Culture

One of the most baffling issues that need to be resolved is the answer of how to build organization culture. Leaders and managers have a set of challenges to create the means to infuse new ideology of looking at their capabilities in the employees. Leaders need to be communicated effectively and perceived by the employees and then converted into productive methods of working. How to build organization culture is a vision that develops in an organization. Organizational culture should be taught to the members of organization through consultation, on-boarding training and displayed posters in the office. Traditions, speeches and rewards also confirm the existing culture. Organization needs an effective training programme that reinforces basic principles and values of the organization. A new employee has to understand vision, mission, approach and goals of the organization and has to keep pace with it. Leader of the organization needs to look at various departments, agencies and their working for the identification of the weak points and accordingly, try to solve them.


Reasons To Focus On Organization Culture

There are many business reasons that one should focus on and build organizational culture. To create a better culture is a good thing to enhance talent, management and human capital that is fruitful from business sense too.

·        Organizational culture is a part and parcel that potential employees look at while assessing the organization. Present market gives a huge competition and an organization need to fulfill the criteria of a talent attractor and retainer so that the employees get attracted and enjoy the environment.

·        A strong culture is a medium to engage people in work which in turn creates larger benefits and profitability. It brings together two ideologies people and these connections will lead to new thoughts and organization will be able to create greater synergy.

·        Organizational culture should be vibrant and welcoming so that people can freely express themselves that creates a positive energy, give a new trust for success and create closeness towards organization.


Hence, an organization searching how to build organization culture should focus on creating strong organizational culture by targeting and assessing the present environment that provides encouragement and energy to work on the development of values of the organization. This is the essence of strategic success.