There is nobody who does not enjoy some close relationships except somebody who is living in isolation. Having a healthy relationships with your spouse, children, family members, siblings, parents, colleagues, friends, significant others and people around you enhances your mental and emotional health and helps you to develop self-esteem and live a fulfilled life. Studies have shown that the quality of our personal relationships has strong effect on our general well being. This is true because all the things that enhance health such as healthy dieting, exercise, education and others are enhanced or marred by our relationships. Here are some benefits of having a healthy relationship.

Getting support for important life processes

As it has been pointed above, everything that enhances healthy living is supported by your relationship. You need the support of others in order to feed well, exercise yourself, study and carry out so many other life processes. So, if you have a healthy relationship with other people, you will get strong support from them in any of these life processes.


Healthy relationship brings empathy. Empathy refers to the expression of interest in another person’s feelings and view point. It simply means feeling for other or having concerns for another person. Empathy can be helpful to you when you are undergoing tough condition. It creates the feeling in you that you are not alone in your predicament or the feelings that somebody cares about you even in your condition.


Nobody is a perfect human being. Everybody has one weak point or the other. If you are able to develop a healthy relationship with your family members and your significant other, you will not be left alone even when you make grave mistakes. You are always accepted by the people that you have healthy relationship with. It engenders acceptance. When other people laugh at you and reject you, the people that will show you love and care are those that you have strong relationship with.

Enhances love

This is a natural corollary of the point mentioned above. When people accept you and care for you, they will definitely develop strong feelings and love for you. If you have a healthy relationship with any person, there is no doubt that the person will love you with time. If you want to win the love and affection of another person, you should make sincere effort to have a healthy relationship with the person. Having a healthy relationship with them will make them to enjoy your company and gradually they will begin to love you.

Being listened to

At certain time in your life or during certain condition, you will want to share your condition with another person. Somebody can only give you a listening ear and have the patience to listen to you for hours if you have a healthy relationship with the person. It is important that you relate well with your partner and family members, friends, colleagues and other people that you meet in life, so, that you will gain the above benefits.