Many people are unhappy with the state of their health and their body. They will like to become very fit and avoid adding more weight. If you want to become fit and lose weight, there are two important things that you should do, namely, feeding well and working out. But it is not enough to train and feed well in order to become fit. The manner in which it is done also matters a lot. You have to train and eat in the right manner. Here are a better ways to do that.

Eating well

Most women erroneously think that they will lose more weight by starving themselves or going on a strict weight loss diet. But this is not true. Most fitness experts advise against any weight loss diet program that subject women to starvation.

Eating well here does not mean overeating or eating anyhow. It simply means getting the required amount of calorie and other food nutrients that your body requires in order to function well. For example, if your body weight is 200lbs and your daily calorie intake is 1200, then you are not getting enough calories. You should therefore increase your calorie to get up to the required daily calorie intake for your body which is 200 calories. To know your required calorie intake, you have to multiple your body weight by 10. 

It is also important that you reduce your sugar intake if you want to achieve your fitness goal. You should reduce the consumption such foods as candy, pies, cakes and other junks and processed foods prepared with artificial sweetener. They will make you to add weight. Besides, they are not good to your health. You should consume more of vegetables and fruits in order to increase your vitamins and mineral intake. You should also include protein in your dietary plan.

Most fitness experts as well as dieticians recommend consumption of frequent small portions per day. You should divide each portion of your meal for the day into two and eat each portion per meal. This eating habit is very helpful. It enhances the metabolic process of the body through which fuel or energy is released to the cells of the body by burning down fat. So, if the metabolic process of your body is working fine, it means that you will burn more fats and thus lose more weight.

Working out properly

The key to becoming fit and losing weight is regular exercise. Eating well alone will not make you to become fit. It is important that you do exercise to build up muscle, improve your strength and also enhance the metabolic process of your body.

If you are working out or you are following an exercise regime, it is important that you be consistent with it. Don’t stop it on the way or skip training regularly. Consistency is the way to achieving your fitness goal.

Do not over do the exercise or engage in too strenuous exercise. You will wear out yourself.

Make sure that you take enough sleep on daily basis. It will help you to become healthy and strong.