Affection or fondness refers to the positive feelings of fondness which people physically expressed to others. Affection brings people closers and engenders long term relationship and love. Everybody needs affection both children and adult. If you want to have a long lasting relationship with another person, you should learn how to show affection or be fond of the person. Research has shown that affection promotes healthy relationship and reduces stress. Indeed, some relationships have broken down because the people involve do not know how to be affectionate. Below are tips on how to be more affectionate in your relationship with other people especially your loved ones.

Learn to show physical affection

Affection can be expressed physically in many ways including caressing, holding of hands, hugging, cuddling, patting and the like. Some people feel uneasy with physical touch. However, it is a good means of showing affection to a loved one. So, you should try to learn how to show it. You may discuss it with your partner or friends to know their opinion about it. Hugging, cuddling, holding hands together and the likes indicate that you are proud of the person no matter his or her imperfections or weak point.

Fix time for physical affection

Some people run a tight schedule which makes it impossible for them to show physical affection to their spouse, children and friends. They wake up early in the morning and rush to work only to come back in the evening time during diner. There is no time for affection. However, you can always create the time. The best way to do that is to schedule hugging time with your partner and children. For example, you may choose to always give them a hug or a light kiss before going out for work every morning. You can also do the same in the evening time when you come back from work or before dinner.

Show affection verbally

Contrary to the thinking of many people, affection is not only shown physically. It can also be expressed verbally. There are different ways through which you can verbally show affection to a person. One veritable means of doing that is to call the person by a pet name. For example, rather than calling your spouse by name, you can show affection by calling names like sweetie, honey and the likes. You can also call such pet or fond names to your children and friends. Normally, such names are abbreviated forms of a person’s name. For example, Bradley can shorten as Brad. If you cannot abbreviate the person’s name, then you should have a positive nickname for the person.



Compliment the achievement of the loved one

One of the ways of showing affection is to compliment the achievement of the loved one on daily basis. Each time the person does something exceptional or treats you very well, make sure that you compliment it. If you have children, you should also learn to compliment their performance in school and even in the house. You have to make it a point of duty to be greeting your spouse, children and friends always.

Call and text often

Always call or text your partner when you are out for work at least once to say hi.