There is no doubt that many people out there are not happy. There are even some people that would want to be happy but they do not know but they see themselves becoming sad or unhappy due to one problem or the other. The truth is that regardless of the situation you find yourself in or what is happening around you at any moment in your life, you can always become happy if you want. Some psychologists have taken time to study happiness and they have come out with interesting facts about happiness and how to achieve it. Based on their findings, some of these psychologists are of the opinion that one can find happiness if they pursue it. Pessimism, anger, resentment and the likes are the major causes of unhappiness and so if you are able to eliminate them and replace them with positive emotions such as serenity and empathy, gratitude and serenity, you are close to getting happiness in your life. Here are some of the things that you should do in order to achieve happiness.

Desire to be happy

The first step of becoming happy is to desire or long for it. This is true because when people long for something, they naturally work towards its achievement. It is virtually impossible to achieve anything you have no desire or penchant for. It is your desire for happiness that will push you into making effort to achieve it. Happiness is a value that should be pursued before it can be acquired. It is not given to any person who does not work for it by the gods.

Learn to be grateful for nice gestures

One of the ways of becoming happy is to appreciate people and things around you. Psychologists endorse what is known as gratitude exercise as a means of becoming happy. This is a simple exercise to accomplish. It is all about taking a look around you and listing positive things to be grateful for. There are a lot of good things and favors to be grateful for which we overlook most of the time. People tend to think only of the negative experiences and allow them to weigh them down. But if you think more of good things around you, it will help you to become happy because it will move you away from despair and bitterness.

Learn to forgive wrongs

One of the reasons why people are not happy is because they bear grudges and nurse grievances against people that wrong them. You should try to forgive people that wrong you and move ahead with life rather than bearing grudges. It will help you to be happy. But this does not mean that you should not be careful in dealing with your enemies. It simple means that you shouldn't count so much on wrongs.

Socialize with others

You should learn to mix up or go out with other people. Socialising yourself will help you to enlarge your contact and also to forget some of your worries which bring sadness and keep you from becoming unhappy.

Do exercise

Engaging in exercise will do you some good. During exercise, hormones that eliminate stress and improve moods are released. You will become happy if you are stress-free and have better mood.