Taking engagement photos gives a lot of benefits. This explains why engagement photos form parts and parcel of photo package of a good number of photographers nowadays. Taking engagement photos helps you practice various poses, angels and lighting levels before the actual celebration of marital union. From your engagement photos, you can determine the style that works better for you or that does not work better for you. This will help when you are shopping for wedding or when you are making such decision as which hairstyle fits you very well and which one does not fit you very well.
There is the tendency for some people to play down on their engagement photos or do it anyhow. This should not be the case. You should prepare for it very well. Before you schedule your engagement photo session with any photographer, you should discuss with your sweet heart in order to decide on how you will want the engagement photo to be or look like. Do you want formal or casual, posed or candid? Whatever you want or how you people want your engagement photograph to be or look like, you should always consider how you will like to use the photo in the future. For example, will just keep them in your album? Or are you going to add them to your wedding invites? Are you going to make a collage with them? It is good to determine that on time and plan in advance with your sweet heart before scheduling your engagement session with a photographer.
Make it look natural
Some couples only take engagement photos in the studio of the photographer. This should not be the case. You should try to give your engagement photos a natural look by bringing it outside. There are different places to take engagement photos that will give it a natural look outside the studio of a photographer. Good locations for engagement photos are parks, botanic gardens, natural landscape, restaurants and many more.
Your home is another good place to take your engagement photos. Look around and choose a suitable location in your home. Your garden, living room, outdoor environment, front stoop and the likes are good areas for engagement photos in your home.
During your dating periods, there are places that are significant to both of your or places that you normally meet for your date. Such places are bar, restaurants, beaches and the likes. They are good locations for engagement photo. Engagement photos taken in such a place will remind you of your dating period, the places you used to visit and how it all started and where it all started.
Taking the right poses
When taking your engagement photos, you have to take the right poses. Engagement photo is similar to wedding photos even though you are not on any wedding gown. The picture should reflect love, togetherness, emotion and affection. You should therefore try to be close to each other. You may carry her up with your two arms, kiss her, hug her, sling your arm around her shoulders, hold her by the waits, hold her hands and the likes. But don’t remain far separated from each other.