If you are in a relationship, it is important that you do everything possible to avoid abusive relationship. This is because it has a lot of consequences.  It can lead to your death and even if you survive or it will affect you mentally and may leave you with some physical scares. There is also the issue of trust as well as financial damages. In fact, abusive relationship entails a lot of things. In the light of the above, it is therefore important that you avoid it. Here are some of the tips that you should apply in order to avoid abusive relationship.


Call it a quit when you identify it

Most people become victims of abusive relationship just because they do not have the courage to call it at the early time when they discovered that their partners have abusive tendency. You just get to move ahead with your life and nip it in the bud once you discover that your partner is abusive. Don't give him or her a chance to mess your life up. Remember that all that glitters is not gold. Yes, he or she may be charming, but if he or she is an abuser, the person is just like the well decorated tomb with rotten things inside. Nothing good will come out of the relationship because the person will end abusing you.


Watch out for abusive signs

You can always find out on time whether or not your partner will be abusive through the way he or she behaves. These are some of the signs to watch out for. Is he or she finding it difficult to apologize or never apologizes when he or she wrongs you? Is he or she intolerant to you even at the error he or she also commits? Does he or she shout at you even at the slightest provocation? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then your partner is much likely going to be an abuser. You should should consider calling it a quit.


Know what relationship abuse is all about

Abusive relationship is not all about physical violence or beating. You can be abused even without any physical contact or beating. The truth is that domestic violence can occur in a number of ways. Shouting, insult, disgrace, name callings, denial of affection, denial of basic needs and the likes are all forms of domestic violence. So an abusive partner is not only the person that beats his or her partner.


Let him know about his or her abusive behavior

It is possible for somebody to be abusive without knowing it. Your partner may be one of such people that are not aware that they have abusive tendency. Such individuals can make changes if they are told. So, it is advisable that you let your partner know about his or her abusive behavior when you discover that. However, you have to careful when letting him or her know because it can lead to abuse. You may invite the person to restaurant or any other place where he or she will not physical abuse you. Politely let the person know where he or she is not getting it right. If he or she really loves or does not know, he or she will be sorry for that and then try to change. But if it is deeply seated in him or her, then he will not change it. He or she may even react violently when you are telling him. In that case, you have done your best. There is no other option left except to call it a quit.


Quit the relationship

This is the time to leave the relationship for your safety. Having told him politely of his or her abusive behavior and there is no change, you have to leave. You don't have to tell him or her that you're leaving. Just leave when he or she is not around. As you are planning to leave, don't allow him or her to find out. Some people can be very violent when they discover that their partners are leaving them. It can lead to violent physical attack. So, you have to be smart and then leave in the person's absence. You can drop a note for the person or give him or her a call after you have left informing him or her while you are leaving.


With the above steps, you will be able to avoid being abused in your relationship.