How to Attract People like Magnet

Attracting People like a Magnet has always been at the top of human wish list. From Politicians to even the introvert next door guy, everyone likes to be loved and known. Being Popular, Famous or even Rocking are nothing but forms of attracting people. It is essentially a Personality that emanates a Charisma which pulls people more like a Magnet. We may envy such people or work against them but truth remains that it is an inherent inbuilt quality that has no match. At same time does it mean that only few people posses this quality while others can never see its magic? Definitely Not just because when we talk of Personal Development everything is Possible. Yes, once you have done a complete assessment of your present situation and have signed up for growth nothing can stop you.


 We have numerous examples of people who are known and famous in this world. Again we have many people in our social circle who again are popular though their scale or circle of influence might not be at that larger level. These are those people whom everyone loves, they want to talk to, or they want to talk about. These are those people who attract others so nicely that we fail to find any specific reason of their charisma. They seem to posses every other quality on earth which makes them Rock in their social group.


What is different about these people? What make it so special about the way they conduct themselves.

1)    Are they born with special qualities

2)    Do they take some special training

3)    Do they posses some special secret

No. Definitely Not

So what is different about them? Let’s talk about your best friend. Why is he your best friend?

1)    Because you like him as a person

2)    You can rely on him

3)    You can depend on him with your important work.


Not True, Think Again

1)    You depend on him emotionally

2)    You know there is someone who will be on your side to hear you out

3)    You know you get solace while talking to him

Have you ever thought what he do that makes your friend so Special

Basically, your friend does nothing but he Genuinely takes interest in you.

1)    He is Genuinely Interested in what you talk

2)    He is Genuinely Interested in Your Problems

3)    He is Genuinely part of Good and bad phase of your life.


Extract this habit àBeing Genuinely Interested in Other People” and apply to the People around. Yes, go ahead and do that

As of now in any conversation your focus is

1)    Always “I”. Yes you always talk about you

2)    You talk about your priorities

3)    You talk about your problems and interests


Never ever you have shown interest in the person in front of you

1)    To care about his problems

2)    To know what he likes or dislikes

3)    To listen or even bother about his priorities.

Even if you did that, Have you ever done it Genuinely ?

I don’t think So………………..It is always “I” which takes precedence over all other things.

Now, Do the reverse

1)    Be Genuinely Interested in other people

2)    Be Genuinely interested in what they say

3)    Be genuinely interested to help them out.

All you need to do is

1)    Be Selfless

2)    Hear them out

3)    Be interested in them

It works.

1)    People like to be Loved

2)    People like to be Adored

3)    People like to be Helped

4)    People like to he Heard.

If you can do it…….you are up for Success

From now on in any conversation

1)    Show your Interest

2)    Done talk about you, talk about them

3)    Be open to render you help.

And you would see the difference. You would see unexpected change in how People Accept, Respect and Love you.

Try It.

Photo By- Vjeran Lisjak, Croatia

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