Living longer and ageing well can not only be traceable to the genes but can also be explained in terms of health habits. If your fore fathers had short lives, you can still surpass their history by living longer through well defined healthy living lifestyle. I think this is good news. Some healthy living lifestyles that will facilitate ageing well and living longer will be highlighted below.


Let’s get down to work

  1. Be sure to maintain a stable blood sugar level. You can achieve this by virtue of the food you eat. Eating grains will help to achieve this and also reduce to the barest minimum the incidence of diabetes that is known to speed up ageing, has revealed by research.  While you eat grains, fruits and vegetables; it is recommended that you completely if possible avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking like the 7th day Adventist. Lay good emphasis on your health and body.
  2. Be active. By this, I mean daily or regular exercise. In depth study in this area has shown that exercise has a great role to take in your daily mood, bones, balance, mental faculty etc. engage in things even if for free, those things that will make you active.
  3. Do not retire from active work. It has been revealed that those that retire from active work are often being greeted with some kinds of sickness. This is because when they retire, they are no longer active. Their muscles, mental faculties including other vital body parts are not put to work. Hence they tend to experience obesity and other forms of sickness. When you retire from your office, get busy on the firm or some other work meant for older people.
  4. Ensure you have a good sleep. Evidence has shown that older people need at least 6 hours of good sleep. This enables proper maintenance of metabolic processes in the body. There is a usually dictum that if you sleep well, you age well. And when you age well, you live longer.
  5. Try to be less troubled. Ensure that you do not internalize things. Do not dwell so much on your trouble. When you are stressed up, find a better way to easy your stress. You can manage your stress or ugly moments by take some exercises, watching television, meditation, ruminating etc. But do not engage in drinking or smoking to get over any trouble or stress. Experts can also help you to manage your stress.  
  6. Stay and maintain connections. No matter how old you are, get and maintain your connections with your families and friends. It keeps you going. Staying lonely is capable of opening the doors to death. Some older people get depressed while others may suddenly develop high blood pressure when they are alone and therefore have no one to communicate with. If your family and friends are far away, go and join a community association for older people and get to have new friends.