The social media has become a very powerful marketing platform. Many businesses have started promoting their businesses using the social media. However, there are still a good number of small and medium businesses that have not understood how the social medial will benefit them. But the truth is that businesses using the social media are gaining better exposure and popularity than businesses that are not using it. The result of a study conducted recently indicated that about 89% of businesses using the social media gain more brand popularity. The result also showed that more than half of the business utilizing the platform for about three years have reported improvement in sales. So, if you are doing business, you should take advantage of the new technology. Below are some of the ways social media will benefit your business.


Better customer interaction and connection

Interaction with customers is very important in the doing of business nowadays. Before the advent of the internet that makes the social media possible, interaction between businesses and their customers were not smooth or fast. It takes time before businesses can get feedback from their customers. But this is no longer the case today. The social media like Facebook and Twitter has made it possible for consumers to have direct interaction with their favorite businesses and brands. They can become their followers and fans and then make comments about the services they receive.

The feedbacks from the customers as well as suggestions will help the businesses to know their strength and weak points. They will be able to determine how the consumers view them. This will help them to improve on their services. Secondly, from the comments of the customers, businesses will be able to find out the strength of their competitors and then brainstorm on how to improve on it.

Increase brand popularity

The social media is a veritable means of popularizing one’s business and brand. Millions of people visit the social media like Facebook and Twitter on daily basis. So, if you are making use of the social media as a marketing platform, your business will surely become very popular among the consumers. However, you should hire an expert to help you manage your social media page so that it will attract many fans and followers.

Increasing sales

Increase in sale is a natural corollary of enhanced brand popularity. Once, your brand becomes popular among consumers, it is more likely that your sales will definitely increase. Some of these consumers will buy from your business when they are in need of your product. If you effectively embark on social media marketing, you will observe increase in the flow of traffic in your website. Most of your followers will click on your social media link. In a study conducted recently, 75 percent of businesses using social media observe increase in traffic.  

Reaching your target audience

The social media marketing is a good means of reaching out to the targeted audience. Every business has its own target audience. You can only make more sales if you reach out to your target audience. This is true because if you advertise to millions of people who are not your target audience, you will not make any sales.