You can easily win the emotion of your wife and make her fall for you completely only if you know how to relate with her or things that you should avoid in your relationship with her. One fact of life that you should bear in mind when you are entering into marriage or dealing with your wife is that men and women are different in many ways. You may think that you have a lot in common with your wife but as you live with her, it will dawn on you that she is different and thinks differently. So, it is better that you learn how to deal with her like a woman. Below are some of the ways that you should not relate with your wife if you cherish your relationship with her.

Don't provide a solution to a problem your wife is sharing until she has finished sharing it

Women naturally like to be listened to when they are sharing a problem. They get annoyed when they are interrupted on the way when they are sharing a problem. So, if you are wife is sharing a problem, don't interrupt her on the way even if you have understood the problem and you have perfect solution to the problem. Don't utter a word unless you want to ask a question for clarification. Allow her to finish sharing her problem before you can now say what you think or how you feel she should do it. While she is narrating her story, pay attention to her. You will annoy her the most if you give half attention or give attention to another thing. If you watching a movie for example, leave and listen to her first.

Don't tell your woman how to feel 

Rather than telling her how to feel, you should act on her feeling. If you she is worried for example, don't tell her not worry. Instead, ask her what you can do for her to help her out. Always provide her to calm down her anxieties and worries rather than telling her how to feel. There is no point trying to explain away feelings with logic because that will only pour more fuel to the fire.

Don't  be insensitive to the hurt you cause her

One of the reasons why some marriage broke up is because some men are insensitive to their wives feeling. You are a human being and can unintentionally make a mistake or hurt your wife. If you hurt your wife and she tries to explain what you did to her, try not to dismiss it. The best line of action to take then is to own up your action, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Assure her that you will not repeat it again. As a rule of the thumb, you should learn how to say I'm sorry. Women easily forgive injury and if you say I am sorry, she will forgive you.

Don't think that sexual intimacy means the same thing to both of you

Women like men that will and appreciate them. Women marry not necessarily for sex but because they want somebody to be close to, a man that will understand them and move along with them. Women need intimacy, availability and not necessarily sex. However, this does not mean that they do not have any need for sex. The point here is that sexual intimacy should not be the only time that you stay together with her. You must make out time for her.

Don't leave all the domestic work for her

Whether you work for 10 hours everyday, don't leave the domestic work alone for your wife. You may not share it with her. But try to help her out whenever you can. During the weekend, you can help her with some. Even if you don't know how to do any, you can be talking to her as she does them. If you help her out, she will love you dearly.

Don't leave your responsibility as the head of the family to her

Try your possible best to accomplish responsibility as a man in the house and don't leave any for her.