Stress can do some good to the body if it is well managed. When we are stressed, our nervous system will send signal to the brain to spur up the stress response. The stress hormone will be secreted to respond to the situations. You will become more alert and act quickly in respond to the situations. However, if the stressor becomes too intense, the body stress response may stop working and fail. When this happens, stress will become destructive and cause a lot of damages to the body. Given this, it is important that you know much stress that is too much for you.

Each person is unique when it comes to the level of stress they can withstand. Some people are able to withstand high level of stress while the stress response of others is not very strong.  People with poor stress response will be easily affected by high level of stress while people with strong stress response will be able to withstand high stress. There are a number of factors that determine your stress response. These factors include your emotional intelligence, relationships quality, genetics and general outlook.

Factors that affect your stress tolerance

Support network

Your support network here refers to friends, family members, loved ones, colleagues and others close to you. Your support network helps in beefing up your stress response. If you are facing some difficult moments for example, you will get encouragement, advice and inspiration from these people. Their words of encouragement and words inspiration will help you to face the challenges and overcome. It will boost your body stress response.

Your sense of control

The level of stress you can take also depends on your sense of control over things happening in your life. Some people have more confidence in themselves than others. People that believe in themselves master courage to face their challenges. They are internally inspired to move on. But on the contrary, people with low self image are more stressed than others.

Your ability to deal with emotions

Some people are able to calm themselves down when they are annoyed or when things are not going the way they want or expect. But some people are too emotional and they become highly disturbed when they are faced by with difficult situations.

Your attitude and outlook

Your attitude in life determines your stress response. Some people are pessimistic while some are optimistic. People who are optimistic in life have stronger stress response than people who normally see things from the negative point of view.