The easiest way to bring a change in any person is by bringing a change in their environment. While we all know how human beings have an impact on environment, what we miss altogether is the potential which environment holds to affect the life of the people. The first time I talked about this subject was in my blog post titled Emotional Meltdown where change of environment was suggested as one of the measures to come out of the bad emotional situation. In this post my attempt would be to highlight this further and show how a change is environment is one of the easiest and effective measures to bring change in any person or situation.


Your environment constitutes everything around you except you. Where you live and the people with whom you interact constitute an important part in your lives. What we learn from our environment becomes so deep rooted inside us that it subconsciously starts to shape up our habits and behavior. Our responses to defined stimulus become more predictable and it gets us to the defined comfort zone. It is this vary nature of the environment that can make it go with or against us. Also it is here only the opportunity lies to determine what change we want in our lives and then using to environment to get it in our favor. The sooner you realize the influence of environment in your lives, the better it would be to achieve tremendous amount of success with great ease.

How Environment Affect the People


So let’s look at what you are today


1) You were born in a family that follows a particular religion

2) You have grown up at a place that follows certain cultural and functional diversities

3) You are known by the place you belong to because you display and demonstrate certain identifiable qualities. eg- New Yorker, Indian etc.


This is your environment that has shaped you. Going a step ahead- We human beings use this to our advantage to choose the environment which we believe would further our career.


1) An aspiring doctor would choose an environment that would help him learn medicine

2) An aspiring architect would choose an environment that would teach him engineering

3) An aspiring broker would choose an environment that would bring him closer to markets.


It is in this attitude of human beings lies the opportunity to achieve success and that too at a much faster rate. Also it presents opportunities to employers and companies to elicit specific type of behavior from their employees by making changes in their environment.


An Individual


1) Can seek an environment that helps him achieve success in his life

2) Can avoid an environment that prevents failure

3) Learn new skills by adapting to environment that promotes specific skills


Take an example


1) To achieve success in life it makes sense to learn from people who are successful in their respective fields.

2) To cut down our bad habits we can avoid the bad company.

3) To increase our communication skills we can join local toastmasters club to be in company of like minded people.


It makes no sense


1) To follow and take advice of people who have never been successful in life

2) To force and create tension in ourselves to leave a bad habit without making change in our environment

3) Sitting at home and trying new skills without knowing the start and the end point.


The choice is simple- Change the environment that affects you and you can bring any amount of change in your life.


So next time you want to score high marks in examination



1) Change your room setting

2) Remove things that distract you

3) Align yourself with people who are better than you.


Don’t focus on the symptom, focus on the root cause.


Change the environment that affects you and nothing is impossible to change.


Next time you want to bring any change, change the environment first. Success would be much easy to achieve.


Photo Credit – ckaroli

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