Hangover refers to the disagreeable aftereffects of alcohol. Some people have headache when there is too much alcohol in their body system. The pounding on your head can cause you some inconvenience and it can also be painful. If you are among those that have hangover after consuming some quantity of alcohol, there are some tips that you should apply in order to deal with it. Here are some tips to help you deal with hangover.

Take plenty of water

Alcohol is associated with frequent urination. This is because it is a diuretic. So, when you take an alcoholic beverage, you will urinate more often than you are used to. This means that you will lose a lot of your body fluid through frequent urination. So, you have to take plenty of water in order to replace the lost fluid and to avoid being dehydrated. It is also recommended that you add water to the alcoholic beverage you want to take before drinking it.

Do some exercises

Exercise fastens the burning of calories for the release of energy to the body. Doing exercise will help to reduce the effect of hangover because it will facilitate the metabolic process through which the alcohol is processed, broken down and converted to energy. Besides, your body releases more endorphin during exercise. It is a hormone in the body that helps to improve mood. So, try to do few minutes of cardiovascular exercise like swimming. It will help to reduce the pains of hangover. However, do not forget to take your bottle of water as you work out. As you exercise yourself, more fluid will be lost through urine and sweet. So, you have to take more water in order replace the lost fluid.

Take pain medication

If the pounding on your head is unbearable, you can take some pain medication in order to calm it down. Some good pain killers to take include ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen. However, there are some pain medications that you should not take because of their effects in your liver. When there is alcohol in your body, your liver will be at work in order to metabolize the alcohol and convert it into useful substance. Taking these medications will increase the workload on the liver. Typical example of such pain medication that you should not take is acetaminophen.

Take ginger tea

Ginger is highly medicinal. It can stop nausea and feeling of seasickness. These are some of the symptoms of hangover. So, if you are feeling seasick or if you are nauseating, you have to prepare ginger tea and take. It will do you some good. Peel the ginger root and brew it for about 10 minutes before taking. You may also consider taking honey and lemon. The fructose contained in honey enhances the metabolic process of alcohol. Add some honey to lemon juice and take it severally in a day.

Other things that you should consider taking are:

·         banana

·         multivitamins

·         sport drinks

·         rice, toast, soup or any other easy-to-digest food