How To Help The Poor

Who are the poor, why do they exist? What are the features of poverty? Why are people poor? These are numerous questions that pervade ones imagination especially in times when one is faced with indelible, piteous conditions of poverty. Poverty is a word that is sometimes used to express improbable conditions that emits from poor conditions. How to help the poor! Do the poor need help? Or is it a waste of time? Why should there be so many poor people in an obviously rich world as this is it that some are destined to be poor while others aren’t? The question is indeed endless, who created the poor? Could it be that the same maker who made the rich also made the poor? If yes does he enjoy the deplorable sights and conditions that greet him daily? “Was it worth the effort the time”? (Richard Ntiru, “the pauper”). No one captures the fate of the poor especially the downtrodden ones like the paupers as Richard Ntiru. Pauper is the last stage of poorness. To dissect issues about how to help the poor, some salient matters will be tackled in the process few among the questions presented here will be examined.


Can the poor be helped? The best way to help the poor is to take away his/her conditions. Actually helping the poor is the most easiest difficult task there is. Ever wonder why the poor keeps getting poorer and the rich richer? Millions and millions of dollars are released daily by concerned individuals, and organizations alike, but sadly the saddening poor condition continue to wax stronger and stronger by the day, this simply makes one to think why bother? Its like a stubborn pest that refuse to die after much attempt to kill it, frustrating isn’t it? What is the hope for the poor? One of such is under discussion and it’s how to help the poor.


Who are the poor? Poor is a word used to describe Poverty, pauper, penury, and many others like it. It denotes conditions of lack and deficiency, so one who lack primary resources like; food, water, shelter, good health and clothing can be said to be poor. In other cases poor can also be use to describe physical condition like deformity; also one that lack good ethical characteristic or behaviors can also be described to be “poor in character”. The interest of this article is about poorness due to lack of basic amenities like: water, food, good health, clothing and shelter. In 2005 the World Bank development indicator declares that 80% of humanity lives below 10$ daily. What can this provide? Between 2005 to 2010 the situations have become worst, no thanks to economic global crisis. In a society where inflation have not eaten deep into the economic fabric earning 10$ daily is indeed a poverty fiasco, example developing countries like Africa, characterized by increasing fluctuation and high cost of living, the rate of people living in pauper level is very high and dangerous.


Effects/causes of poorness:


1.                  Diseases: Poor people are exposed to diseases like HIV, because in other to make money people especially girls can resort to immoral acts like prostitution to make ends meet hence becoming subservient to sexually transmitted infections. Break out of infections does not only affect the poor, it also account for the reason why people are poor. Attempt to spend money curing ailment have been recorded to have drained even the very rich, while it has turned and still turning the poor to paupers. A great way to help the poor is by making it easy for them to fight diseases.

2.                  War and conflicts: This is another catastrophe that has made the poor paupers and the rich poorer. Aside from death, war forces people out of their homes, cause some to become destitute, refugees in another country – begging for food, shelter, water, etc.

3.                  Natural disasters: Environmental disasters is a vital factor that makes people poor, the effect is equal to the effect of war, but more. Environmental disasters destroy more intensely than war, example Tsunami disasters, Haiti disaster, etc.

4.                  Humans: The world was found upon the survival of the fittest concept, where nations are built on their ability to win war – control territories, countries, weaker races and the likes, example racism, slave trade etc. These human activities have a lasting effect and it attributes to the reason why some nations are poor and may likely continue to be poor. Then there are tyrannical leaders especially the ones found in developing countries like Africa.

How to help the poor: Many campaigns have been introduced to tackle poverty in different counties and the world in general, there is the poverty alleviation campaign, different outreaches for women, major NGO contributions like the Bill gates foundation, relieve packages sent to casualties of natural disasters, and so many others. But unfortunately poverty is still waxing stronger. Another way to help the poor is to bring to an end war and blood shed, money that could have been used in helping the poor is been wasted in producing weapons of destruction, tyrannical reign should also be checked, NGOs should be concerned with how aids are disbursed.


Love is what makes the world go round, it is the only ingredient required to achieve anything especially the quest of how to help the poor. Individuals have roles to play, helping the poor person close to you will make a huge difference.



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  1. hi im interesred in helpin people who re poor and in need of help in any way, i have a grown up son so i have a lot of time and love to give amanda

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