Healthy Family Relationships

Family is a domestic unit of people, who are connected with each other through blood, adoption or marriage. In an ideal world, every child is grown up and nurtured in a family and he develops a powerful and healthy relationship. In family, we find siblings, parents, grand parents, uncle, aunty, cousins and other relatives, with whom we interact regularly. We learn to maintain healthy relationship when we interact with so many and different kind of persons. And this quality helps us when we go far from our house and interact with people who are not a part of our family. But it’s very essential to keep healthy relationships within the family. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to keep healthy relationship due to some differences. But we have to do that. Here we are discussing few points that might help you keeping your family relationship healthy.


Nurture Relationships

It is very tough and complicated to maintain our family connections healthy and strong always when you are working. You have to take care of children and other personal demands that you face daily. But in these tough situations, you need to keep your family relationships healthy. To nurture the relationships, you may do few simple things. Once in a month on any weekend, you can plan to visit any of your family member or relative. If visiting is not possible, even better get time to make a phone call or send an email. Don’t forget important dates if the person shares close relationship with you. If due to some unwanted things any differences take place between the two of you, try to avoid this kind of situation.


Switch off the TV

When you are having any kind of conversation with any of your family members, you should show that you are not just listening but truly listening; it maintains trust and takes you to a more pleasing relationship. It may sound simple and easy to you, but it requires more attention. So, if you are doing two things altogether and someone is talking to you, you should rather switch off the TV. It makes a very good impression on the other person. It gives them a good signal that you really care for them by switching off the TV, offering them complete attention and don’t forget to maintain a proper eye contact too. This is particularly very essential when the other person is sad. If you listen to the other one carefully and attentively, it means you understand his problem and would get help too.


Avoid Nagging

Nagging takes you nowhere and creates stress and anxiety. If you have a habit of nagging, then other persons will keep you out. If any kind of differences happening into your life, it means that what you are doing are somewhere wrong. Avoid criticism too. Instead of criticising, make alternatives. Or you can make balance in criticism, but with a positive feedback. You should adapt the habit of appreciating people; this quality will not only make you lovable but popular too.


Spend Time Together

Spending time together shows your sense of dedication for each other. We get benefited when we feel commitment. Family members should regularly gather for some to get together. This keeps the flame of the relationship burning and you get close to each other. And you learn to enjoy the company of each other. But keep in mind the one fact that you should talk about positive things of the life, and enjoy the negative sides of each other. Behave like the other person is important for you.


Respect and Honesty

The more respect you will give to others, the more you will get in return. You should respect your family members, and it would build up a healthy relationship. There is nothing bad if you please your family and try to make them happy. Maintain honesty in relationships. It would build up your relationship stronger and healthier. Building healthy family relationship is not that much complicated and tough, it needs only few times and some commitments.



At times, we are bond to compromise in life, and family is the first institute where we can learn this skill. When people around are happy, you should have a feeling of like you are happier. Family members guide you in the best way; they give you the best suggestion. You learn so many things. Sometimes you need to compromise things for the happiness and needs of others. This does not take you down. It improves your personality.


There are times, when family blocks the relationships by anger, dishonesty, and confusion. But these emotions are normal and natural at certain times. We just need to do very few small changes in our behaviour and lifestyle. Family needs mutual understanding and caring. Families can be a lifelong source of power and strength if we nurture it carefully. Families have constant presence in our lives. If any kind of differences take place, we should proceed with communication. Communication is the only key which can solve the misunderstanding. Take proper advantage of the family and develop the quality to value your relationship, by building trust and respect for each other.



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  1. nice to be here!happy new year!

  2. Terrific info on this Blog. Most people struggle with the action of “Spending time together” Looking for even those few minutes to just pause and link up with each other and see “how you doin?” can make a big difference. When big chunks of time aren’t there, grab a bunch of small chunks. You both will build your relationship self-esteem.

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