Rock was and still is probably one of the most influential genres in music. I believe that the greatest rock songs have the ability to empower us. They give us energy and attitude, and they make us want to do more and be better. Of course there are extremes in the rock genre, in which we can include punk which takes the energy of rock and puts it to now higher purpose other than anarchy, or pop-rock, which distorts the message of rock so it would be easier to sell. So here are some of the songs I believe to be essential for rock lovers:


1.        We Will Rock You: This is one of the greatest rock anthems off all times sung by one of the greatest voices and also one of the most charismatic front man in the history of rock, Freddy Mercury. The pounding of the drums in this song electrifies audiences, who can’t help clapping their hands and screaming from the top of their lungs. This song by Queen for me is one of the greatest rock songs of all time, and it defines what rock should be about: energy.

2.        Stairway To Heaven: This classic song is plaid by one of the giants of rock, the British band Led Zeppelin. It’s guitar solo is one of the greatest form any rock song, and the sons Robert Plant, the front man, manages to produce are just unbelievable. The changes of rhythm make this song very dynamic and very powerful towards the climactic end, and earn it the right to be called by many rock lovers as the greatest rock song of all time.

3.         All You Need Is Love: The Beatles are without a doubt the biggest and most popular rock band of all time. Almost all of their songs are known world wide. This particular one combines a positive message with all the other attributes that made this band unique, the star power they had, the creative minds of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the catchy chorus, and the experimental new sound of electric guitars. Probably not one of their biggest hits, this song managed to be anthem for the entire hippie generation, and I believe that this was one of the greatest rock songs off all time.

4.        All Along The Watchtower: This Bob Dylan classic song was made to reach its full potential when it fell into the arms of a young guitar genius Jimmy Hendrix. Still regarded as the greatest guitar players that ever lived, Jimmy Hendrix stunned everybody both with his guitar skills and his on stage antics. Jimmy Hendrix made a name for himself in a legendary concert, in which the uncrowned king of guitar playing, Eric Clapton, got overshadowed by him, after Jimmy had just asked for a few minutes to play alongside him. One of Jimmy’s greatest songs was this cover of Bob Dylan’s All along the watchtower, which somehow got a more profound and powerful meaning while sung by the exocentric Hendrix.  

5.        Another Brick In The Wall: This song was an anthem for anybody who hated the way they were treated in schools, either by some teachers, or by the educational system as a whole. It was created by the first and the greatest psychedelic rock band ever, Pink Floyd. This album was extracted form one of the greatest conceptual albums in history, “The Wall”, which was the basis of the movie with the same name. The song itself can be heard in three different versions on the album, becoming a sort of chorus for the entire concept, having different meanings throughout. For me, this is without a doubt one of the greatest rock songs of all time.  

6.        One: This is what many consider the best heavy metal songs of all time, sung by one of the greatest American rock bands of all time, Metallica. The song is about the horrors of war, about a soldier who has become void of all senses, losing his arms legs, sight or hearing, to a landmine. The song tries to transport us into his head and what he is thinking of. It is not only powerful because of its message but also because of its speed and energy, some of the guitar solos seaming absolutely impossible.


These were just a few selections, and inevitably, some great songs were left out. These were just my personal favorites and what I consider to be the greatest rock songs of all time. I’m sure that many people would consider other songs that deserved to be on this list more than the one’s I’ve chosen, so I encourage you to make your own list, and share your opinions. So, see you at the next rock concert!