There is the tendency for some people to think that the preparation for the Christmas feast is parents' affairs. That should not be the case. If you have children, you can get your entire family involved in the preparation for this great feast. Yes, your children may not be involved in the preparation for shopping and making budget for family expenditure during the Christmas season. But there are various ways through which you can get them involved in the preparation for the Christmas season. Here are some of the ways through which the entire family members will prepare for Christmas together.

Reading Christmas books

Christmas is one celebration that everybody especially children look forward to. As it is approaching, they will start counting days. You can help them to have high expectation and wait patiently for the celebration by reading Christmas books with them. Get a good Christmas book as well Christmas movie for your family. Once it is December, start reading the book along with them. You can be reading it piece meal by piece meal. Everyday, you may read just one or two pages of the book with them and then explain it to them. Map out time when you will watch a Christmas movie with your children. In this way, they will counting days for the big feast. The add fun to it, you can ask one of your children to choose the book or movie the family will read or watch.

Clean and decorate the house with them

One of the ways of getting your entire family involved in the preparation for Christmas is to get them involved in cleaning and decoration of your house for the Christmas season. Few days before Christmas day celebration or anytime you want to start doing your house cleaning and decoration in preparation for Christmas season, you have to call your children and let them know that you want to clean and decorate the house for Christmas and that they should help out in doing that. You will be surprised to see them join in doing that joyfully.

Play and sing Christmas music with them

Music is an essential aspect of Christmas season. Playing and singing Christmas songs together with your family will add fun to your preparation for the feast and even to the feast itself. As you are reading your Christmas book with them, you should also sing several Christmas songs with them. They will be happier to do that with you. You can also tell them to teach your any Christmas song they learnt in their school.

Arrange to attend a Christmas play or concert with your family

As Christmas feast is drawing near, many groups and artists will be organizing various Christmas show, concerts and plays. You should discuss with your family and agree on which one to attend. Once you are able to agree on the one to attend,  fix the date and let the entire family know when you will be taking them to the concert or play. Get the tickets for everybody ready and on the day, take your entire family to the concert or play. 

Wrap gift with them

If you buy gifts for your loved ones, you can get your children involved in wrapping and decorating them.

The above are some of the ways of preparing for Christmas with your family or making their expectation to be high.