Getting rid of hatred seems to be little difficult or next to impossible for most of us. Hating a person or a thing seems so right that not hating that particular thing or being is just not acceptable by us. A person when makes us angry, we tend to hate that person. Hatred is one of those emotions which will consume a person completely. It makes a person go insane and robs him of his mental peace.


Getting rid of hatred is an important deed in life. We are all born amongst happiness and laughter. These two things apart from goodwill and love from everyone are required for the intellectual growth of our mind. When we come across a situation in our life where we face frustrations and rejections, we tend to become negative towards the cause. This leads to the feeling of either self resentment or else we end up hating the other person. In both the conditions, the manifestation of hatred occurs which is detrimental to our growth as a human being and our capacity to love others.


Feel Anger At Times But Not Hatred

It is all right to feel angry at times over issues and behaviors beyond our control. But to feel hatred is not correct. We need and must find out ways for getting rid of hatred and suppress our anger else where. Instead of hating someone and spoiling one’s mental peace, it is better to at least try to use our anger and the pent up energy for something creative. Hating someone or something beyond a certain point leads to inner restlessness and the mind tends to border on insanity. In times of crisis, we stand to face the adverse conditions in our life and not waste our time in hating someone.


Hatred Is Detrimental

As a human being, we need to take the responsibility of our actions, deeds and decisions. All the outcomes stemming from these, whether it is good or bad comes under our share of karma. So, instead of hating someone and feeling negative, think of the situation as your creation. This means that it is you who must have done a deed or spoken a word, directly or indirectly to hurt a person very much. This resulted in the other man’s action and you started hating him. Getting rid of hatred will prevent you from becoming a cold and mean hearted soul who is always thinking about the negatives of life. Becoming such a person will be a failure to the very purpose of human life and an insult to all the positive gifts that life has to offer.


Ways To Get Rid Of Hatred

One of many ways of getting rid of hatred is to simply stop blaming others. Heaping the blame on to some one else’s head is not a right thing to do. What ever has happened to you is your own doing either because you were foolish or innocent enough not to understand the outcomes.

Try not to hate anyone because this is not a feeling worth living for. We are all happy beings and the perfect way to bliss is to be happy and make others happy as well. Happiness is a primary emotion. We are all born with it but hatred is a secondary emotion. It is learnt by us after we come to this world by observing nature and people around us. We do not belong to the place where hatred is taught. No one teaches hatred and getting rid of hatred is one of the best things in this world to do. Pick up your life and move ahead. If possible, try to forgive people who have done any harm to you.


Rejections, disappointments and sorrow are a part of every body’s life. To live one’s life, a person needs peace and satisfaction. If a person is satisfied with his life, he does not poke his nose into other people’s business. He is happy being the way he is. An unhappy soul is dissatisfied and seeks revenge from the people whom he hates. Getting rid of hatred provides a person with this contentment in life. As a result, you will have lesser worries and enemies in life.

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