Your kitchen is like the power center of your home because it is there that you prepare the foods. You need to eat in order to be alive. If you don't eat you will not be alive. In your kitchen, there are a lot of items you use in your kitchen in order to prepare your foods. There is the tendency for some people to acquire a lot of kitchen utensils and appliances to the extent that they constitute clutter to the kitchen. Even food stuffs and groceries can become clutter in your kitchen. But it does not have to be the case. No matter how rich you are and the number of kitchen items you have, it is important you get your kitchen arranged and get rid of clutter from it. Here are the tips to enable you get rid of clutter from your kitchen.

Check your food stuffs and spices

A good number of families today find it more convenient and cost effect to buy items in large quantity. If you buy foods including groceries and spices in large quantity, it is important that you get them well arranged, Before you go for shopping, it is important that you consider the space in your kitchen as well as the food storage space you have. Don't buy too much food stuffs that the storage you have in your kitchen cannot accommodate. If your kitchen cabinet or food storage space in your kitchen cannot accommodate your food stuff, then they left over will clutter your kitchen. Give the extra ones away or find more storage space for it.


There are different kinds of kitchenware or utensils that are used in the kitchen such as the ladle, spoons, cups, pots and others. Some people filled up their kitchen cabinets and storage units with different kinds of utensils most of which they rarely make use of. Check your cabinet and if there are any item of kitchenware that you don't use or you have not used since you bought, you should consider selling it or dashing it out to people that need it or to charities. If you think that you will have a need for it in the future, you can keep in your closet rather than cluttering your kitchen with it.

Take a look at your cabinet

You should take a look at your kitchen cabinet to see how arranged it is. You should arrange all the items in your kitchen cabinet as you make use of them. Keep similar items in the same unit so that you can easily find any one that you will like to use. For example, all the pots in your kitchen should be kept in the same side of the kitchen unit so that you will not have any problem finding any one when it is time for you to cook with it.

How does the floor look like

As a rule of the thumb, you should ensure that the floor of your kitchen is clutter free. Nothing should be on the floor. Make sure that everything is kept in the storage space in your kitchen. Things that cannot be accommodated in the storage unit may be kept on the floor, but you should not block entry way with it. Arrange them in such a manner that you will have free movement in your floor. 

With the above tip, you will get if of clutter from your kitchen.