Sooner or later everyone faces a situation where he or she has had a little something to drink, has had a spectacular time enjoying it, but now has to hide it. So, how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath? After reading these few advices, don’t forget that you still have to hide clumsiness, pink-eye syndrome and the slight difficulties in speech.

Before answering the question how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath, it might be a good idea to find what causes alcohol to do the nasty trick on your breath. First of all, it is the chemical nature of it. Being an organic compound with a hydroxyl OH ion, the alcohol very easily dissolves in the mouth water you sustain. Simpler said, alcohol dries your mouth and that causes the number of internal cavity bacteria inside to go way above the normal level. So here is the answer – your breath does not smell – they smell.


There is no way to cope with it. Still, you may refer to the following points for a suitable way of hiding the smell


1.      Replace the smell: But how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath? Well, there is no one and only valid answer to this situation. There are only a few hints that might be helpful. First, whenever you can not remove something, you can try to disguise it. So whenever you have problems with bad breath due to alcohol reasons, you can always search for a suitable replacement. Mint drops are classical solution. They are always somewhere near to reduce the shocking wave of bad smell from the bacteria inside your mouth. And there is another advantage of using mint drops – you can always convince the person in front of you that you are having a cold. Being successful in this task may even remove the question how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath. No-one likes to talk to someone ill.


2.      Other tools of disguise: However, if you feel lucky, you can always try to replace the alcohol smell with something other than mint drop. Chewing gum, toothpaste mouth lotion – everything might come in handy. And for the adventure loving part of the population – there is an option to chew the peel of a citrus fruit. Personally, I recommend orange.


3.      Another possible solution: It can be easily seen that the above section does not answer the question how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath, but how to distract the attention away from it. Well, if you believe to the traditional chemistry, you can once again read the first paragraph and reach the conclusion that nothing can help. But, one can never be sure unless he tries. Let’s take a look at the different types of alcohol. Beer and wine are impossible to hide. Their organic nature removes any possibility to reduce the smell. So try anything else. To continue: Whiskey – colored drink, rich of aromas, sugar and malt. Whatever you do, there is no way to cope with the unique and nice aroma of the drink. If you do not want to radiate it, simply does not drink it. Gin – same true here. It is a drink with sharp and strong aroma. There is no way to remove it. Now let us discuss the Vodka. It doesn’t have aroma of it’s own but only a smell of high-degree spirit. If you want to find out how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath, try removing the fruity mixtures that goes along with it. No juice, or beer or liquor – a simple tonic might do the trick.


4.      The Downside: However it can be valid only a few hours after the consumption. No matter what you have drunk, on the other mourning there is no living creature that can argue with the traditional chemistry. Dehydration will lead to bacteria, and bacteria will lead to bad breath.

To sum up, the answer of the question how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath is never unique and easy. The battle against the bad breath is everyday routine for some experts, but even they fail the whole time. Probably there is only one way to completely remove the problem, not just hide it. And simply said it is: never drink!



Picture- egor.gribanov

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