One of the ways of establishing strong relationship and love with your husband is to give him surprises. Just as you will be happy and fond of your husband if he gives you surprises, so he will be happy and fond of you to receive surprises from you. There is the tendency for some women to think that giving surprises in marriage is only for men. This is far from the truth. Wife should also surprise their husbands. Here are various ways to surprise your husband and make him to be very fond of you.

Give him homemade gifts

Gift giving is one of the ways of building strong relationship is to your husband. As Christmas season is fast approaching many wives are now looking for items to buy their significant. However, you can decide to do extra ordinary and turn it into fun by creating a gift by yourself. Put your brain into task and think of something you can make which your husband will appreciate and then create one for him. If you cannot create anything, you can look for somebody to create one for you. A typical example of such a gift item is photo collage of your husband. You can get a good artist that specializes in pencil art to draw one for you. Wrap it and present it to him as a gift.

Provide for his needs

Think about what your husband is lacking or what he should have that he does not have. List them and then buy the one within your financial means. It must not be an expensive gift item. For example, if your husband does not have a pajamas for sleeping, you can buy one for him without letting him know. There is nothing too much to give your husband and so if you're financially capable of buying him something valuable, you can.

Celebrate him with friends

Your husband should be your hero and you have to celebrate him always. One of the ways of celebrating him and at the same time giving him a surprise is to throw a party for him. Organise a dinner party and invite some friends to celebrate your husband with you. If you don't have money to organize a large party, you can just prepare his favorite dishes during a weekend to make it special for him. Play his favorite music and throw a private party for him. Alternatively, you can take him for dinner in a good restaurant.

Take him to a show

Find out the favorite show of your husband. It can be movie, football, music or others. You can give him a surprise by buying a ticket for him and yourself and take him to the show. He will be very surprise and proud of you.

Repair his cherished damaged objects

If there is any item your husband cherished so much but it is damaged, you can surprise him by repairing for him. He may not have chance to do that. Just take it to a repairer and have it repaired for him. If he comes back and see that it has bee repaired, he will be very pleased with you for the act

The above are some of the ways of giving surprises to your husband.