I always say that a good work environment is a fun work environment. You need to be able to enjoy yourself at work, to loosen up, to have fun in order to be more efficient. If you succumb too much to stress and routine you will get nowhere and your work will suffer. So what you need to do is to come up with some fun ideas at work and make your boss implement them with the only argument he or she will listen too, the fact that this investment will prove be lucrative, because it will provide a better work environment, which will boost employee morale and motivation, which will finally improve efficiency and productivity, which will in turn bring a higher profit, and thus the circle is completed. If you know how to make this argument, even in tough economic times you might get away with a new foosball table in the common room or something similar. All you need to do is come up with the fun ideas. Of course you shouldn’t go overboard and you should try to stick to a budget that might not aggravate your bosses too much. Good luck, and to spur you on, here are a couple of ideas which I found to be very fun at the workplace:

1.    Foosball. One of the great fun ideas at work is to have a foosball table in the common room. It might sound like more of a guy thing, but actually it’s fun for everybody. It’s not that expensive to buy, so maybe your boss won’t have such a hard time getting his head around it. The only down side is that you can only play maximum four at a time, but if you were to have two foosball tables, than organizing a championship and getting everybody competitive and excited wouldn’t be so hard.

2.    Thematic office parties. Everybody loves to dress up, and best of all it doesn’t cost the company anything, because all they have to do is provide the venue. It’s one of the great fun ideas at work, because everybody would like to dress up and pretend like they are somebody else for example, in the case of a costume party. Your job as an organizer is to come up with a great and original theme that everybody will love.

3.    Have pets at work. You can talk your boss into letting you have an office pet, such as a parakeet or a rabbit or a guinea pig. Everybody loves a small creature, so it wouldn’t be that hard into talking your boss into it, which makes it a one of the great fun ideas at work. Sharing the responsibility and always being able to look at an innocent cute creature will do wonders for employee morale and cohesion, which will give you yet another argument for convincing your boss.

4.    Casual Friday. This is a fun idea at work that has become almost common place for al corporations. Still, it is not always present in small businesses and I think every employee should try to make a plea to their bosses in order to get it, because it has been proven as a great method to reduce employee stress.

5.    Impersonate a colleague day. You should try to make this rule once a month that everybody has to pick a name out of a bag and then impersonate that person for the rest of the day. It’s a great way to loosen up, to reduce stress, and to stop people taking themselves too seriously. I believe this is an idea with a lot of potential, especially in a young or open minded environment, where everybody can take a joke.

6.    Balloon day. Who doesn’t like balloons? So why not make a day specially dedicated for them. Get balloons everywhere in the workplace because everybody associates them with a good time. So, even if there is no special occasion, fill the office with balloons and everyone will have a good time.

7.    Employees bake off. Eating healthy is the key to having a good state of mind. So, a good place to start is to eliminate junk food from the work place. Getting your bosses to give money for a fully equipped kitchen where every employee can cook their own meals won’t be an easy task, but I believe it will be worth it.

These are just some fun ideas at work that I have seen put in practice, with a pretty big success, but of course the key is to find something that suits the mechanics of your team. If you think you have any suggestions or some great ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments section bellow. Now remember, the only way you can be efficient at your work, is to enjoy it and have fun once in a while.