Marriage can somewhat be complicated because it involves two people who are completely different biologically, physically and in many other aspects of life. Some marriages break down because the couple did not realize this. If you are married this is one fact that you should bear in mind anytime you are talking to your wife. Sometimes, you may say something that you think it is very nice and innocent only for your wife to pick quarrel with you or be annoyed over your statement.  You will be wondering why she is quarreling with you when you are trying only to please. The quarrel is simply as a result of misunderstanding of your words. Based on experience, there are certain words that you should not tell your wife. Here are some of the things that you should not say to your wife.

I love you during a quarrel

The first thing many men say to their wife when they are annoyed with their action is 'I love you.' Telling your wife I love is good but it should not be the first thing you should tell her during a fight. For example, if you come back from a party very late and she is annoyed with you, you should not tell her I love at that moment. You have to first apologize before expressing your love. Your I love will only make or rather will make more sense if you first apologize but saying it first when you have not pacify her will worsen the whole issue. It is like pouring water on high flames caused by gas explosion. Apologizing first will make it possible for you to first get her emotion and when you have gotten her emotionally, you can tell her I love you.


It is up to you


Sometimes in your relationship, your wife will need you to make certain important decision in her life. Definitely, she will approach you with her story believing that you will provide useful tips and advise. However, it is unfortunately that some men do not understand this. They think that allowing their wives to take vital decision is giving them freedom. So, it is not uncommon to hear some men telling their wives that it is up to them. Such statement can be very annoying or irritating to some women. This is because women naturally like men to help them decide on some important facts in their lives. For them decision making is like shopping that one has to do with another person. So, your wife one day may need your suggestion before she can decide on the right course of action for some important issues in her life. You don't have to turn him down when she comes by telling her 'it is up to you.' 

You already knew I was this wayTelling your wife that she knew before your marriage that you were the way you are now is another means of telling her that you will not change the behavior. Even if that is true, there are better ways of saying that without causing her much trouble. You can tell her instead, I am not happy about it but I am making effort to stop it; I am optimistic that I will soon stop. These statement will help the woman to bear the pain of your bad habit.

Not saying anything

As it is said, silence is the best answer to a fool. But your wife is not fool. So, keeping quiet and not replying her during a discussion even during light quarrels is tantamount to making her a fool. She will definitely not be happy to the treatment. What to say depends on what the nature of issue in question is. For example, if your wife is discussing some important issues with you, it is not proper to keep quiet and not to respond to your wife. She will definite quarrel with your if you ignore her during important family decision.