Relationship goes through stages. If you are into relationship or planning to establish one, it is necessary that you know about these stages. Here are the stages. 

Romantic love

The romantic love is the first stage of relationship. This stage of relationship is very impressive and interesting. People at this stage of relationship will always want the relationship to continue and last forever. This is the early stage of relationship and so there is no problem at all. Everything seem to be working perfectly fine. Issues or relationship problems that may arise during this stage will not make any meaning. There is the tendency for the people involved to disregard the problem and even try to deny it. If they don't deny the problem, they may minimize it. At this stage, love overwhelms your heart. You and your partner are ready to give your best in the relationship. The love at this stage is at the heart.

Power struggle stage

This stage is also referred to as the disappointment or distress stage or disillusionment. As the name already tells you, this stage is the stage of disappointment. At this stage, you begin to discover certain things about your partner and some of the things you know about him or her will begin to irritate and give you some hurt feelings. The frustration may become too much for some people to cope with. Some may be advised to by friends and loved ones to end the relationship. If you don't know about this stage, you may think that the frustration is not normal. But it is normal.

Knowledge and awareness

At this stage, you realize that you have the power to bring some changes in your relationship or that your relationship can be better The knowledge and awareness of this fact can help to start learning how to become a good partner. You will become aware of the the fears and hurts that are the bane of your relationship. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to improve your relationship at this stage. You can read some relationship tips.


You have become aware of your potentials to make positive changes in your relationship. At this stage, you want to change for good. It is at this stage that you will like to put into practice the skill that you have learnt during the knowledge and awareness stage.

Real love

At this stage, you develop strong respect and love for your partner. You will cherish your partner very well. It is a stage of passion, intimacy, joy, having fun together and happiness. During this stage, you will try to live out your potential and actualize the vision of your true partnership, safety and unconditional love.