We are here to establish if it’s at all possible for human beings to fall in love on their first encounter. I will exclude straight from the start the situations where you start dating someone you knew really well beforehand, as chances are you’ve asked them out on a date all of a sudden simply because you felt you were falling in love with them. Therefore, we’ve gathered here, in front of a judge and jury, to decide where the truth lies: can you fall in love on the first date?


Let’s see situations along with some warning signs that can help you to avoid some classic traps. There are 4 situations along with warning signs that would definitely give you an idea related to your situation.


            Situation number 1: You can fall in love on your first date with someone if you connect instantly. This is too vague so I will try to explain: if you like the same jokes, books and movies, if you play with your food exactly the same way, if you are instantly physically attracted to one another, then there is a real chance that Cupid struck an arrow straight through your heart. This, however, does not happen very often, it’s more a myth than anything else. Usually, the thing that unites people on the first date is noticing annoying behavior around them and inventing crazy scenarios about people dining at other tables or walking down the street. 


Warning! Do not confuse lust (that delicious form of undeniable physical attraction) with love. Attraction does play an important role in your love life but it shouldn’t rule out everything else.


            Situation number 2: If you have a six-hour long eventful evening, then you can fall in love on the first date. You’ve been on the dating circle more than once, it all stays the same and nothing ever changes. Same questions, same polite smiles and calculated gestures. That is a yawn fest, sadly it sometimes gets boring even before it starts. You need a break from the routine of fast-food dating, you need an adventure. If you and your date suddenly find yourselves in a crisis which needs immediate solving, that will make you think and act as a team. Being in an unusual situation together will automatically bring to the surface some things which are very personal and a bunch of spontaneous reactions. Don’t be afraid of that, in a few hours you can get to know a total stranger as well as your best friend. This doesn’t happen a lot, but it is a way you can fall in love on a first date.


Warning!  Never plan for such a thing and maybe don’t even wish for it as a crisis can be synonym to a disaster.


            Situation number 3: When bad omens turn good. You will probably laugh a bit when you’ll read what follows as it might be labeled as too cynical to be true. You can fall in love on your first date if… your extremely low expectations are blown away! It’s true and it makes a lot of sense, psychologically speaking. You go to the date relaxed as you’ve never been before in your life so you’re effortlessly funny and charming and something happens. You present the real you, the easy going, unfussy you and the date goes well, probably because the other one feels encouraged by your honesty. And that should be the most valuable thing – if someone falls in love for your core, not the package you present the world with.


Warning! Don’t go on every date like you don’t care about anything anymore: neglecting your appearance and letting yourself go are not solutions for finding love. 


            Situation number 4: The goodnight kiss that blew your mind. This date wasn’t boring at all, it was quite interesting, but you didn’t feel the spark at all. You already figured that the two of you will be great friends afterwards with no complications, just casual meeting up and talking about everything in the world. You get out of the movie theatre or restaurant and you don’t hold hands so it all seems pretty straightforward: this evening will end in a simple handshake. At one point you suspected some subtle sort of flirting, but you must have been wrong. But you weren’t: out of nowhere comes the most sensual kiss you ever experienced. Not only will you not want to be just friends anymore, but this low-key conquest strategy will ensure that this rendezvous will remain in your memory as the time you did fall in love on the first date. 


Warning! Don’t hold off the kiss for too long, just the right amount of teasing time or else your date could get frustrated or disappointed.

So can you fall in love on the first date? Evidently, you can and in many other situations than described here. You just have to remember to be patient because it doesn’t appear when you want it or need it or when you work really hard for it. Because love is, above anything else, unpredictable. 



Picture- orangeacid