Removal companies normally visit the house or office of the person that want to provide service to before providing quotes to the person. They take a look at the load and then do some calculation before they will be able to provide accurate quotes. There are a number of factors that they take into consideration when they are preparing the quotes. It is also important that you know these factors if you are looking to move house or office. Here are some of the factors considered by removing companies when they are calculating the quotes.


The quantity of stuff to be moved

The first factor that removal company takes into consideration when they are preparing their quotes is the amount of stuffs to be removed. Some companies calculate their price based on volume while some calculate based on weight. Normally, it is the type of transportation to be used that determines whether calculation will be based on weight or volume. Air transport is usually calculated based on weight while ship and truck are calculated based on volume. This is not a rule. Some companies may have their peculiarities.


The number of crews required to load the item

If you have a lot of loads to be packed, it means that more and more people will be required to load the items into the truck or moving boxes in preparation for moving. These companies have to pay these burley men that will load the items into the truck or ship and so they will charge more money. Similarly, if lifting tool such as forklift or similar machines will be required, then you are definitely going to be charged more money to enable them hire the tool or use their own as the case may be.


The nature of the items involved

The nature as well as the shape of items to be moved have affect on the cost of moving. There are some items that require expert handling or may even require the removal company to remove the door of the room where the item is located in order to be able to remove the item. Such items are normally charged high. Some items may be light but very delicate and thus requires expert handling. Such items will cost more money for their removal. Another factor that determines the cost of the item to be removed is the value of the items. Highly valuable items are charged because should the items be lost, they are going to pay more money.


The distance to be covered

The distance to be covered is one of the major determining factor and no removal company overlooks that. The longer the distance, the more money you will be charged. The condition of the road is also considered in case you are using truck. If roads are not very ok, then you will be charged more. The type of transportation to be used is another factor that moving company considers. Airfreight for example, is more costly than any other type of transportation.


How fast you want the move

Sudden move without prior notice normally costs more money than move that is well plan.


The above are some of the factors that removal companies take into consideration when they are preparing quotes.