The eyes are some of the most vital organs in the body. Without them, life is always difficult and it needs a lot of extra effort by yourself or by those around you to ensure that you run the daily errands well. We have people who were less fortunate to have lived their entire lives without the gift of sight yet those who are seeing today can’t just imagine a scenario where they can no longer see their loved ones as well as their treasures.

In addition to those who have either had their sight impaired along the way or those who were born with the conditions, there are those who have permanent blindness and others have partial blindness. Both of these can always be corrected although the total blindness can only be corrected depending on what caused the blindness.

The formation of cataracts on the eye can either cause total or partial blindness depending on the intensity of the cataracts on the eye. If at all the cataracts are of very high density, you can become totally blind unlike the case when you have less dense cataracts on the eye. Corrective surgery can always be done to remove the cataracts hence restoring your sight.

Eye exercise is yet another very important method of improving eyesight. This is in fact known to be among the very quickest solutions. This is majorly done early in the morning, late at night and at any time that need arises especially when the eyes are feeling tired. Sunning and palming are known to be among these very important forms of exercise.

Diet is also another factor used to either correct sight impairment or even protect the eye from being visually impaired. There are some vitamins that are very important for the eye e.g. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. these protect and cure the eyes from eye blindness and the rest. Foods such as carrots, leafy vegetables and the citrus fruits are therefore very good for eye sight due to their richness in the above mentioned vitamins. Similarly, the pumpkin and especially its seeds are good for both preventing the formation of cataracts and also clearing it due to the richness of zinc in pumpkin.

There is yet another option of glasses that is used to correct eye problems. Depending on the problem you have, the optician will advice you after doing sight tests on the best glasses to wear. We have photo-chromatic glasses that are mainly for those who have light problem. If there is much light, or less light or just some drastic change of light intensity, some people tend not to see clearly. Photo-chromatic glasses are given to such people for correcting the eyesight problems.

There is also the concave and the convex lenses for shortsightedness and long sightedness respectively. There are different degrees of eye defects hence it’s not wise to take any glasses before being advised by opticians since you can be doing more harm to your eye than good. Glasses are either contact on the cornea or are worn on frames.