There are many situations which will cause ethical dilemma at times in business and profession. These ethical dilemmas arise when people get stuck between right and wrong things. There are some examples which will help us in describing ethical dilemma in a more convincing manner. The purpose of this article is to present the both sides. It is then left to the audience to male out the difference and clearly delineates the aspects related to ethical dilemma.


So let’s look at the examples more closely now.


Example 1 – A Dilemma For Parents

Suppose you have a child who is brilliant in studies. But you and your spouse both have some problems with each other and you both have decided to have a divorce. Your child loves both of you and cannot imagine his life without both of you. His teacher has complained about the bad performance in his studies and the reason is stress and family problems. Now, the situation is that the parents are in ethical dilemma of whether to get separated or should stay together for the future of their son whom they both love a lot. This is one of the fine examples of ethical dilemma.

Example 2 – Professional Dilemma Of Choosing Family Over Future

There is a situation in which you are working as a teacher in some school and your spouse is working at some other place. You both are expecting promotion in your respective fields on the same day. Now you are in ethical dilemma of whether to attend your spouse’s promotional ceremony and celebrate his promotion or attend your own ceremony and ask your husband to celebrate it with you on the cost of his promotion.

Example 3 – Matter Of Love

You love someone so deeply and do not want to hurt his feelings in any case. But your parents have planned something else for you. Circumstances forced you to choose what your parents have chosen for you and now you are in ethical dilemma that whether to hurt your parents and go with your love or hurt your love and go with your parents. This is the most difficult situation in anyone’s life and one of the finest examples of ethical dilemma.

Example 4 – Choosing The Future

Since your childhood, you have a dream of becoming a singer who can control all the hearts of this world with his magnificent voice. But, your parents think that you cannot make a promising career in the field of singing and that’s why they have chosen the field of engineering for you. When the time came to choose the course or the first step towards your future, you want to do bachelor degree in singing while your parents are forcing you to opt for engineering so that you can have good future. Now, you are in ethical dilemma that whether you should go with your dreams and make yourself happy or should go with your parent’s decision because you have a family to support.

Example 5 – Career v/s Humanity

You are getting late for your meeting which is very crucial for your future. On the way to office, you came across a lady who is in great need of your help and no one else is around who can help her in your absence. Now, you have to choose between your career and humanity. This is an example of ethical dilemma.

Example 6 – Managed Health Care

Suppose, your son is having fever and you have to get a medicine for him right now but there is no medicine available in home and you rush to the medical store to buy one. It is 3 in the morning. You have found one medical store with only medicine left in their stock. At the same time, some old and poor guy came to ask for the same medicine as his condition is more severe. At that time, you will face an ethical dilemma whether to take the medicine for your boy or to allow the old guy to take the medicine.


These are some of the examples of ethical dilemma. This is a very confusing situation in which you feel like you have two ways and both of them are equally correct and important and you are not been able to make a wise choice between both the options. So, you choose the option that cause less pain or are less severe than the other option.

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