Today, when everyone is seeking sophistications from life, and hardships are exceptions, the word ‘courage’ seems to have loosened its dignity and even identification in modern life style. Those who still deal with the term use it in the context of facing their bosses, proposing a woman, or doing some daring stunts.  But this is not what ‘courage’ would have meant a few years back, when struggle happened to be another synonym of life. Courage was defeating a tyranny by nonviolence. Courage was pouring profuse love to the dejected and less-fortunate humans when there is no one to help them, courage was standing against the injustice even there was no hope, courage was defeating all odds and making your own way to the position where you wanted to be, come what may! There were few personalities who have lived the Courage and set example of Courage before the world. They proved that you can make the world move, if you have ‘Courage’. Here are brief introductions of some personalities who are the examples of courage in their real life:


Mahatma Gandhi – He used to say that ‘Peace is the most powerful weapon of mankind’ and he spent his whole life in establishing peace in the world. He used to say that ‘it takes more courage to take a blow than give one’ and he always propagated the policy of non-violence through out his life. He used to say that ‘it takes more courage to try and talk things through than to start a war’ and he kept his efforts continue to settle the national disputes through talks. Mahatma Gandhi made the British rulers quit India through his non-violence movement. We can not imagine even a fraction of difficulties and hardships that he had lived in his entire life to get his country free from the British invasion, and he succeeded. It was his courage that made him stand against the tyranny of the oppressors and not to succumb. Mahatma Gandhi is a real example of courage.


Nelson Mandela – He used to say that ‘courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it, the brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear’. Mandela lived his words. He was not afraid of the life-threatening consequence of opposing wrong and standing by the right. Mandela reflected a lot of courage in his self-depreciating sense of humor, and lack of bitterness over his harsh treatment. It also takes extreme courage to return with greater resolution for the cause after spending a lifer in dungeons. He won his fight against color discrimination in Africa and equal rights for blacks. Mr. Mandela is a real example of courage.


Mother Teresa – It takes a lot of courage to stick to a noble cause and give your whole life to it despite of your feelings and emotions constantly telling you to quit. She kept pouring love on others as her own child without letting anyone feel least about the emptiness within her own heart. She kept serving to the God by her service to the poor, destitute and entire humanity. She never allowed her own inner feelings distract or flinch from this devotion. Mother’s letters which she wrote to God and some personal papers which were, after her death, published for the public, reveals that she was facing an intense inner struggle to feel God in latter years of her life. However, she did not let this feeling of God’s absence disprove the reality of God’s presence. Mother Teresa is an example of courage.



Abraham Lincoln – Everyone is aware of the stories of this determinant and underprivileged child who had promised himself to become the President of America when he was a child. He kept walking towards that distant destination through out his life and, despite of all odds in his life, reached there. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of United States of America. This really need courage to not to succumb to the hardships and not get distracted by the lure of easy and sophisticated life, while you are on your path to a greater achievement. This requires a great courage to know no failure and have so much confidence in one’s own dreams that nothing can stop you from achieving what you want to. President Lincoln is an example of courage.


Today, when many are living chosen lives and the world is shrinking into a global village, there are some people who are making their way against the streams and bringing up new examples of courage. However, the word has not yet fully lost its importance in life of normal man.


Even today, you see many injustices around you, you see people tormenting others, you see human oppressing animals, you see people poisoning the environment, you see people threatening life of others, and many more similar inhuman acts which are preventing this world from turning into a heaven. This is where every one of us needs to exercise ‘courage’ and make every attempt to thwart such threats to civilized world. Let’s muster the Courage and stand against anything ‘Wrong’ and support what is ‘Right’. You can be an example of courage.




Picture- Thomas Hawk

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