Hostile work environment is a euphemized description of working conditions obtainable in working environments like: offices, factories, industries, etc. Primarily it is a legal terminology and it is often used to describe the condition. Hostility is a primary human condition. Where two or more people are gathered there is a clash of: interest, religion, taste and cultural possibility why? To explain this, examples of a hostile work environment shall be provided, plus the consequence of hostile work environment – there is no cause without an effect. Humans are complex social high animals: endowed with power of choice. A gift that sometimes works adversely and favorably in different conditions you find yourself. So who is hostile to whom? Hostility can come from your boss, senior worker, management, colleagues, etc, these and more constitutes the examples of a hostile work environment.


Causes Of Hostile Environment


One of the causes of hostile environment is inherent in different human characteristics, namely: different taste, culture, interest, looks, attitude, expertise, etc. This difference in character generates intolerance that will definitely lead to hostility. For instance if you are a Christian surrounded by Buddhist there is a tendency of one been marginalized, and segregated. Another cause of hostile environment could be triggered if a boss for reasons known to him hates women there is a possibility of disliking women working with him hence constituting a hostile working environment for women working for him. Education or expertise could also trigger hostility in the work place. Example having the best qualification amongst colleagues could induce a hostile environment of envy and jealousy. Hostile environment poses a great threat to the victim and it is counter productive. The various examples of a hostile work environment are discussed here. But before that below are some of the consequences.


Consequences Of Hostile Environment


Hostile working environment is counterproductive. The victim’s working ability is dulled due to hostility especially from his or her boss. Though the law has no definite enactment against boss attitudes like arrogance, rudeness, and stubbornness against an employee, other identified conditions like social cultural discrimination, sexual harassment, termination or threat of job termination directed at the victim is recognized by law as constituting a hostile environment. Thus when a lawyer is invited into the scene these factors like: examples of a hostile work environment will be identified before such cases are filed against the offender. Victims under this condition tend to make mistakes which may lead to termination of appointment. Since the boss triggered hostile environment is mostly targeted at frustrating the worker enough to resign, the effect falls heavily on the victim more than the company. This also goes for most cases of hostility. To throw more light into this discussion, here are some examples of a hostile work environment


 Examples Of A Hostile Environment


1.         Biased hostile environment. Due to human diversity such as cases earlier mentioned, discriminatory act is always an imminent consequence. A boss and colleague may engage in offensive behavior directed at ones culture, gender, pregnancy, looks, nationality, religion, race, disability etc. These conducts are projected through insults, mockery, offensive comments, sexual harassments etc.


Environment retribution hostilely


2.         Negative comments, abuses, and other hostile factors already mentioned could constitute retaliation intents from your boss or colleagues. This type of environment is created when a victim have taken definite legal steps to curb this act. The intent of retaliation is hereby triggered making the conditions worst than it was before.


Malicious content display


3.         This is among the examples of a hostile work environment. It entails displaying images, or text contents of the victims. The contents are malicious and it includes: discriminatory messages sent through emails and drawing. Another case is showing malicious posters around, and printed images even languages.


Language discrimination


4.         Languages are different and a company that is dominated by a particular language tends to create an air of language intolerance, especially if the workers are immature and vengeful. This is displayed by calling victims unpleasant names, screaming, and swearing at them


Unwelcome advances:


5.         Any unpleasant unwelcome behavior projected by continuous date request, suggestive comments and gestures directed at ones looks, behavior, sexual remarks and what have you are another examples of a hostile work environment.


Others are: depriving older worker certain facilities because of their age, and calling them unpleasant names also constitute examples of hostile work environment


The list of hostile work environment is indeed numerous. If you are faced with hostile environment conditions, the most sensible thing is to seek legal intervention. Another suggestion is to braze it up and disregard the treatment. This strategy however requires patience, it works in some cases. In developing countries where legal entities do not recognize hostile working environment challenges, provision are thereby not created to help victim is this condition: the “wait and hope for a change attitude” is the forced solution adopted by these victims. Sometimes if they are lucky it works and other times it doesn’t.

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