Most young ladies and even unmarried older ladies rarely think of their fertility. They think that once they get married, they will still having babies as soon as their they consummate their marriage. However, the reality dawn on some ladies when after some months or years of marriage, they are not yet pregnant even though they long to make babies. There is no need waiting till when you marry before you start to enhance your fertility. You should start now to do things that will make your very fertile. Here are some of the things that you should do in order to enhance your fertility.

Eat well

Eat good food enhances your fertility and thus increases your chances of getting pregnant. Eating well here does not mean eating large quantity of food. It simply means making good choices and eating healthy and balance diet. Your dietary plan should comprise enough protein, vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, Vitamins C and other. It has been discovered through research that shortage of these minerals in the body of women can make them to have a longer menstrual cycles and this means that they will not ovulate normally as they should. You can ask your doctor or a dietician to prescribe multivitamins and good diet that will enhance your menstrual cycles.

Don't gain too much weight

Too much weight gain is generally not good to health. It can cause a lot of health problems especially heart related issues. It is also not good for women who are looking to make babies. This is because as you're gaining much weight, your body is accumulating excess fat. The body normally produces in excess certain hormones that affect women ovulation making their menstrual cycle to be irregular. If you become overweight, you are much likely not to going to be ovulating as you should and this will reduce your chances of getting pregnant. However, this does not mean that you should become very thin or try to eliminate all the fat in your body. If your body fat is very low, it can also affect your chances of getting pregnant as your body may not be able to secretes enough hormones required for ovulation.

Engage in regular exercise

You should try to exercise yourself on regular basis. It is a veritable means of regulating your body weight. However, you should not engage in strenuous exercise simply because you want to lose weight. Excessive exercise is another extreme that is not good to the body. You should meet with your doctor or fitness expert for advice on the best workout routine for you. 

Say No to Cigarettes

Toxin from cigarette smoke does a lot of damages to your eggs and this can make fertilization very difficult. Even if you eventually conceive, the toxin also affects the implantation process. It also make your ovaries to get old quickly. The ovaries of a woman that smoke looks older in function than ovaries of another woman of the same age. Smoking toxins may permanently affect your fertility. This is why you have to stop it if you want to make babies.

Know your monthly cycle

It is surprising but at the same time true that some women do not know when they are ovulating or the length of their cycle. They do not the right time to meet their man in order to get pregnant.  They may try getting pregnant days when they are not fertile or when they are not ovulating. Definitely, they will not become pregnant in under such a condition.