Many of us often wondered what the best English conversation subjects and topics are. Well, here you’ll find some possible solutions to that particular dilemma. Whether you find yourself in the position of the teachers or in that of the student of the English language, you surely want to find new and exciting things to talk about when you practice your speaking skills. The English themselves are a bit too formal and have the tendency to dish about sweet nothings or, even worse, the weather. But it doesn’t mean that if you want to practice your English, you have to stick to their rules of conduct (it might be best though, if you are actually traveling to Great Britain, but otherwise you can play it less safe). So here is a list of themes and subjects which you should know how to cover, from basic to rather challenging.


1.      Be thyself, talk about yourself. One of the easiest and most useful English conversation subjects and topics is you. You should be able to talk about your family and friends, your taste in music, books and films. You should be very competent in describing your job and what exactly you have to do there, your boss and your work colleagues. It’s not narcissistic to be able to voice all of these about yourself, maybe your partners in dialogue will even be curious to find out more. Just make sure you got it all covered – your mama’s cooking, your favorite wine and your hobbies. Then you can move on to the more serious stuff: your ambitions, your dreams and your plans for the future. The key to conversation is finding things in common and sometimes it is not that easy to reach that middle ground, so you have to be prepared.

2.      History is a universal subject. History might not be foretold in the same way everywhere, even two different history books might interpret the same account in different ways, but some events literally make history. So if you know your own country’s history, make sure you know how to tell it in English so that others learn it as well. Also, you should know unbeatable facts about the wars, about ruling dynasties and so on. This is called universal history and it’s one of those hardcore English conversation subjects and topics.

3.      Popular culture is a must. To keep up with the times, you must know who sang “Video killed the radio star” or who wrote the Da Vinci Code, right? So, you should open yourself to the outside world by listening to foreign radio stations and watching films and television series as much as you can. That way, when you’ll be in the mixed company with people from other countries, you’ll find something to relate to, something familiar which will definitely put a playful smile on your faces.

4.      Foreign policies. This is one of those English conversation subjects and topics which is a bit more high brow, but it really works. Politics will always get people interested, it might bring about quarrels and confrontations, but that edge is what makes it particularly exciting. As long as you state your opinions in a firm diplomatic way, you have nothing to worry about.

5.      The latest news. Who won the Tour of France? Who got the Oscar for best female lead last night? Who won the Nobel Peace prize this year? Well, if you read the newspapers or watch the news, you might have heard reports on all these worldwide sensation events. Information is a commodity and the more you have of it, the fresher you have it, the farther you will reach. If you want to impress people, keep yourself in the now. It’s one of the most fashionable English conversation subjects and topics.

6.      Exotic destinations. One of the most interesting English conversation subjects and topics is talking about where you would like to travel. Whatever your dream vacation looks like, whether it is palm trees and sunny beaches or some distant cradle of civilization, you can talk about it and let your enthusiasm show. You can describe your list of objectives, what you would like to know about that country or that specific place, what you would like to do there and what specialties you would like to taste.

7.      For light trivial conversations, choose gossip. If you want to dish about nothing, just pass the time without any intellectual efforts, talk about Posh and Becks. Talk about Madonna or who is dating who in Hollywood. It’s fun and once in a while, it’s absolutely harmless. It’s the most impersonal of all the English conversation subjects and topics listed here.


These were just a fraction of the English conversation subjects and topics you can approach in your discussions with people whom you don’t share a cultural background with. But if you’re really courageous, you can try explaining them the rituals and beliefs of your country and that would really be some kind of accomplishment.

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