The importance of engagement of photos cannot be overemphasized. If you get engaged to your loved one you should try and take some engagement photos whether the engagement is celebrated or not. It is good for documentation purposes and you can also use the photos for a number of purposes. But when is the best time to schedule your engagement photo? The truth is that there is no such thing as the best time to schedule your engagement photo. It all depends on when you want to engage, when you want to use them and how you will like to use them. So, you have to choose what suits you very well. Whatever option you are taking, it is important that you get the best photographer. Your engagement photos should be as good as your wedding photos. Here are the various photo scheduling options.

On your engagement day

Engagement photos are kept as memorabilia. They remind you of your engagement day as well as your youthful days or your dating periods. If you really want to keep memory of your engagement day, then you have to schedule your engagement photos exactly on your engagement day or a day or two days after your engagement. Remember that you should appear on your best attire and also ensure that your partner is well dressed no matter the location where you people are getting engaged. You have to look cute.

A month earlier

Some people announce their wedding ceremony on their local newspaper. Such announcement is better done with engagement photos. If you are announcing your engagement photos via a local newspaper, it is important that you schedule your engagement photo a month ahead of the period you want the announcement to be made. Scheduling it on time is very important in order not to avoid any disappoint. Your photos should be ready some days before the announcement period. But engagement photos is not sometime that should be printed in a haste. It has to be carefully and professionally done. So, you have to allow enough time to the photographer so that he will print good looking photos. This is why it is important that you announce your engagement photos in a month advance.

Eight to ten months before your wedding day

Nowadays, some couples create wedding websites in order to announce their wedding and keep their guests, friends and well wisher updated about their wedding program. If you cherish this trend and you will like to have a wedding website, then you have to schedule your engagement photos eight to ten months before your wedding day or as soon as your wedding date has been fixed. Normally, people that create wedding websites, do that 6 months or there about ahead of their wedding day. So, if you schedule your engagement photo on time, then you will have your photos ready before your website is ready for uploading of photos.

Two months or a months before the wedding day

Most couples especially women try out their wedding day looks a month or two months ahead of their wedding. They schedule hair and makeup trial. If you will try out your wedding day look, then you have to schedule your engagement photos on the same day you fix your makeup and hair trial appointments. You will know exactly how you will look on your wedding day from the picture. Given what you would want to achieve, it is important that you schedule your engagement photos, makeup and hair trial on time so that you can make changes and try other options if the initial ones do not work.4 month or 5 months ahead of the wedding day

If you are planning to include or affix your engagement in your wedding favors and invites, then you have to schedule it a month or a day before your wedding day. This means that you will have them ready on time and you will still have time to prepare your wedding favors and invites and then distribute them to their guests on time before the wedding day.


The above are some of the engagement photo scheduling option. It is left for you to decide on what works better for you.