Energy is very vital in the running of businesses today. It is one area that businesses spend a lot of money on a monthly basis. The use of energy cannot be avoided. However, despite the importance of energy or power for the running of businesses, there are a lot of things you can do for your small businesses in order to conserve energy and thus reduce your bills on energy and save some money. Here is a checklist to help you know the areas where can conserve energy for your small business.


Take time to check the alignment of your doors and windows to ensure that there is no air leakage. Use caulking, seals and weatherstripping to seal up any opening that can allow the lost of heat. In this way, you are preventing heat loss from your office especially during the winter. This will make it possible for you to require few amount of energy on daily basis for warming up your office. You should also try to reduce solar gain by including heat absorbing film on the windows of your office in the south and west location. You should also ensure that your roof insulation and ceiling has the proper thickness. If they are not in good shape, you have to repair and change them. You can also also protect the exterior doors of your office by installing wind screens in it. You can use architectural devices to achieve that purpose. You have to ensure that the drapes and curtains in unoccupied areas are closed always.


During the night time and weekends when nobody stays in the office, you should ensure that your heating system including your air conditioning system is not on as nobody is using them. During these moments, you should also ensure that your thermostat is at its lowest level. If there are offices that are not being occupied yet, you should try to adjust its thermostat to the lowest level. In this way, you will avoid the waste of energy. During the winter season, you have ensure that your thermostat is set to 72 degree but if it is winter then you have to set it to 78 degree. When you have set your thermostat to the normal level, you have to lock so that none of your staff will adjust without your authorization. Check your thermostat to make sure that its controls are working fine. You should also ensure that it is properly calibrated.  Make sure that the filters of your thermostat is well clean and replaced when due. Check the ductwork in order to be sure that it is obstructed by anything or that it is from loose insulation. Organise your some business activities in small work space that you can cooled separately. In this way, you will spend a lot of energy cooling a large room especially if the number of people involved in the activities are few.


Lighting system is very important in an office. You need it on regularly basis and thus you spend money lighting. But you can also reduce energy consumption on lighting by putting off the light during the day when there is enough sunlight to illumine your office. Make sure that what you have in your office are LED lights rather than incandescent bulbs that consume a lot of money. Rather than installing fluorescent lights you can replace them with reflectors. You can rewire the fans of your restroom so that they function with lights. Make sure that your lamps and diffusers are well cleaned so that they will give you a better output. You can control your lighting by installing motion sensors. It will ensure that there is no light in occupy areas. Dimming equipment is another thing that you should consider installing in order to be able to vary your light condition to suit the situation.


When you are going on break or you are closing for work ensure that your computers and other gadgets in your office are turned off. Anything electrical equipment that you are not using should not be on otherwise you will be wasting energy. Use thermo flask to keep your coffee hot rather than using hot plate. 


The above are some of the ways of reducing energy cost for your small business.


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