In today’s world to empower others is the most difficult job and also compulsory to do. In many companies, the owners are specially employing people to motivate or empower their employees and it is proving quite effective in terms of their raising profits. This will help not only the companies but also quite effective for the employees to know better about their jobs. Empowerment gives the freedom to do their own job in their manner but the most viable question is how to empower others to succeed. Success is the most important motive for any organization. People work in order to get success and success lies not only in hard work but also in smart work. There are certain points which one should keep in mind while empowering their juniors or subordinates to perform better by giving them some powers.

Sharing information- When the seniors share some important and confidential matters with their subordinates, then the juniors or subordinates often feel valuable and full of worth in doing job. They think that they are an indispensible part of the company and all the information is being shared with them. They feel good and can perform with double dedication and zeal. This is the most commonly used strategy in how to empower others to succeed.

Communication of Clear objectives and goals- While empowering the lower staff, one should always keep in mind that the objectives and goals should be very clear to the subordinates. When organizational goals are turned into individual goals then only success gets sure and confident. By clearing the objectives and goals to the subordinates, they feel clear and confident about their own work. With proper delegation of authority, they get a sense on the importance and they contribute much higher than capacity to the companies’ objectives.

Making others to feel empower- At the time of delegation, it should be done in full manner. Partial delegation holds no importance. Subordinates should get the power to take their own decisions and implement them according to their will. When we let others to do the work in their own fashion, they try their best in order to prove that they are the suitable candidates for this kind of job.

Not to get depressed while committing any mistakes- Whenever the subordinate or junior level staff commits a mistake or does not perform their duty well then at that time, the seniors should not scold them but instead, make them understand that it’s ok to make mistakes but it should not be repeated. No one is perfect and only practice can make them superior.

Success and failure both should be celebrated- No matter what is the result of the task but it should be celebrated. This gives the subordinates a sense of relevance. They feel connected and viable. Any project or delegation is lead by success or failure and both should get celebrated in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere. People working in healthy atmosphere can perform much better than those who work in stressful environment.

Learning environment- There should always be an attitude of learning. While discussing how to empower others to succeed, it is very important to keep in mind that the seniors should provide a learning environment to their lower staff so that can learn with their work. Learning can never get stopped. And if the work involves learning attitude then work can never be monotonous.

Team building- If people work in teams then only they can excel. One man army can’t work in corporate. Thus, in order to learn how to empower others to succeed, team building is an essential part as teams can perform better than individuals.

Hierarchy- Hierarchy means to delegate the responsibilities in a tree like structure. While learning how to empower others to succeed, hierarchy plays a major role as every organization has their own set of rules and regulations and hierarchy helps in maintaining them. People feel secure and organized if they are in a hierarchy. Moreover, if anyone has any kind of difficulty then they may consult their seniors as they have much experience than the juniors. This is because the seniors have done that job for years and after excelling in them, they have moved to upper level in a hierarchy.


The above mentioned are very useful ways to empower others to succeed.



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