Employee Motivation Techniques At The Workplace

Effective employee motivation at the workplace definitely plays a crucial role in reaching the goals of the business. In order to keep your business competitive and to attain the maximum profitability, one thing that becomes imperative is to motivate employees and strengthen the working desire of your staff so that you can harness their talent and hard work to the maximum.


No matter howsoever capable and best staff you might hire if you can’t give them a long term vision and enough motivation to retain their working spirit, the business success might suffer considerably.


Let us see how one can implement employee motivational techniques at the workplace and thus increase their morale and efficiency.


1.      Assessing and evaluating your employees’ strengths, interest areas, inclination and complementary skills and delegating the responsibilities accordingly form an excellent employee motivational step.


If an employee has a creative bent of mind then binding him down with stark routine work might hamper his potential. Similarly, if the employee who gives out his best shot in mundane and regular activities is assigned the work area where exploring new possibilities is required, results might not come as expected.


Just by analyzing the talent of your staff to a little extent might enable you to add or delete a chore aiding in temperament building. A little change in the nature of duties according to the interest will increase the productivity and enthusiasm to quite a great extent. This is one of an important motivational factor which when adapted at the workplace gives amazing results.


The will to perform is the biggest motivational factor and brings out the utmost potential of an employee.


Invest a little effort in exploring several options. If you entrust a person with the type of the work that comes naturally to him it motivates him highly and you can bank on his productivity.


2.      Well Timed and Properly measured appraisals and appreciations also motivate and encourage the employees at workplace tremendously.


Appreciations and Appraisals show your faith in the employees’ work.


If the work coming from the employee is as expected or more than expectation don’t be stringent in letting it known.

Entrusting the personnel with added responsibilities and tasks will act as a motivational factor and enhance productivity. However, go a little slow and maintain balance in allotting more responsibilities.

Some times in order to achieve targets we overburden the manpower and the overall productivity collapses.


Proper Balance of appreciation and allotment of responsibilities boosts the confidence of the employees and makes them strive hard enthusiastically to bring out their best and meet the expectations. It forms another imperative motivational factor at workplace.


3.      Money’s the impetus. It instigates employee motivation.


One thing that certainly keeps everyone moving is the color of currency.


Incentives, pay hikes and bonuses coming right on time certainly forms the biggest motivational factor for a person to give out his/her best.

Indirect benefits like, covering the basic health needs and free lunches too goes a long way in making an employee feel cared for and secured.


Long term Incentives and rewards on performance act as catalyst and zeal enhancers, increases productivity and thus form biggest motivational factor to incite employees at workplace towards better performance.


Correct monetary evaluation and rewards for a person’s outstanding performance not only motivates him and makes him accomplish even better results but also refrain him from looking elsewhere for better opportunities.



4.      Keep the dynamism of the workplace ignited. This kindles immense motivation amongst the employees to work zealously.


The challenging environment is a crucial motivational factor.


In order to keep your manpower highly motivated and brimming with energy and enthusiasm, keep the assignments and projects interesting and offer enough scope for professional development.


Each one has an inherent desire to realize one’s full potential and providing one with interesting and persuasive opportunities acts as a catalyst and motivates the employees at work place greatly.


Work atmosphere surely comes with a disciplined and monotonous approach but work opportunities that aim at the all-around satisfaction will act as a propeller for the targeted and devoted staff.


Ease of communication, employees’ involvement in crucial suggestions and feed backs builds a healthy, inspirational work environment and also act as tremendous motivational factor which go a long way in developing the employees’ trust in the organization.


5.      Keep the staff abreast with latest technological know how and stimulate motivation and enthusiasm at workplace.


Provide ample training opportunities to keep your manpower updated with latest technology and work related developments.


Following a well targeted technology strategy and implementing it, considering the plus and minus of your organization is always a step forward towards employees’ motivation and efficiency enhancement.

Investment in right technology and training in important work areas will increase the ROI in the long run and motivate the employee immensely by giving him enough resources for self development.


Apart from the major motivational factors for a company’s staff briefed above, some other factors like pleasant ambience, comfortable precincts, non burdening working hours and fairness in approach also motivate and help in potential building and enhancing profitability.


Discussing problems and venturing out the solutions in an informal setup too makes the employee feels secured and motivated and helps in associating strongly with the organization.


When you give enough scope to the employee to balance his work and personal life with ease, it itself becomes a highly motivational factor for your employee and enables your staff to offer their best to the company. A well motivated and satisfied employee would willingly spend his 40 to 50 hours a week in the workplace and benefit the organization’s productivity by giving his level best.


This is Guest Post by Anita Agrawal

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  1. Motivating employees is not an easy task, due to the fact that  what motivates employees seems to change overtime. There are many in-house employee targeted programs that organizations follow apart from creating the right working environment.
    One of the technology company HCL,  put employees on top of the organizational pyramid based on the belief that if employees are delighted, they  would inturn  delight the customers. They call this philosophy as 'Employee First, Customer  second'.  As in many organization they also follow the 360 degree evaluation and the feedback is also broadcasted  on the intranet for everyone to see.
    This philosophy has been even articulated by the Fortune magazine as "The World's Most Modern Management". The Harvard Business School has written a case study on the Transformation at HCL,  and it is being taught under the Strategy and Leadership curriculum at HBS.

  2. Hi Kavita,
    Hats off to Vineet Nayar for acknowledging the fact “Employee First, Customer second”; not all have the courage to acknowledge it.
    Discussing problems and venturing out the solutions in an informal setup makes the employee feel secured and motivated and helps in associating strongly with the organization. By encouraging the creation of an electronic "ticket" to flag anything the employees wish to voice out, Vineet Nayar is certainly endorsing a model for others.
    Not only is he keeping his manpower secure and happy and trying to minimise attrition, he is also broadly encouraging the basic psychological needs of belongingness, esteem and self-actualisation amongst his employees.
    The 'Employee first, Customer second’ philosophy no doubt comes as an all-time winner as it acknowledges that, what mainly holds a company are the people working for it.
    : Anita Agrawal.

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