Emotional Meltdown

Emotional Meltdown is a state or a condition experienced by most of us in our lives. This can be of varying degree and of different nature but the ones with sever implications on human mind are disastrous. Not every human being is strong enough to get past the emotions which drag them deeper into the sorrow and pain. People at different point in time in their lives have experienced this and have devised their own ways to cope with it. But not everyone is lucky in this world mainly because of the lack of support or knowledge to get past them.  Yes, I have seen many people wasting precious years of their lives in order to recover from emotional meltdown apart from those that have been dragged deeper into it forever. The excess of everything is not always good. In same manner the tendency of human being to deviate from normal behavior excessively has its own implications.


I have always considered human beings as emotional fools. They have developed deep and strong bonding within their environment which has direct bearing on the emotions. This is same reason people living in isolation have no emotions and one can never expect them to be the social beings. Our lives are in existence for various reasons and these reasons are bound by strong thread of emotions. Love, hatred, joy, sorrow etc is all different states that have emotions associated with it. They bring meaning to our lives and make this place a better place to live. However situation becomes entirely different when we become victim of emotions. The problem starts when emotions start to rule our mindset and actions and we start to live a degraded or artificial life.


Emotional Meltdown is one of such phenomenon which needs to be handled with much care. No matter when this happens or at what stage but truth remains that human beings are strong and can cope with varying degree of it at any stage of their life. All they need is a helping hand or personal effort that can do wonders for them.


This post is essentially for everyone. Even if you believe that you are not one of emotionally weak person it is important for you to read the first section and re-establish your belief. The second part talks about what to do even if despite of your best effort you have become victim of it. In last part I have talked about the life after. It is the complete cycle right from becoming a strong individual to emerging as one of the strong human being. The three stages have been defined along with the steps which can help you become strong individual at each stage.

How to Avoid Emotional Meltdown Trap

Just like Prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to assess yourself and see if you are emotionally weak. This is more of a preempt measure in order to ensure that you do not face any problems later in the life. Following steps would help you to avoid the emotional trap and be prepared for any situation which has potential to affect you emotionally

1)    Are You an Emotional Fool– First step is self assessment. Are you an emotional fool? Do you get emotional about anything easily? Do people use you by making you emotional about anything? Do you always need someone for emotional support? There are infact many things which we realize consciously are not fine but still we find ourselves to be slaves of it. People make good use of us or at times we ourselves at best constantly commit the same mistake. Emotional breakdown, emotional blackmail etc. are various forms of it. A self realization that we are emotionally weak makes the whole process much easier. Once you know the truth it is easy to set an alarm for ourselves. The best way to realize this is to look into your current past and see how you have behaved on the emotional front. Did you ever fell victim to circumstances or have been made fool by someone you trust. If yes than you need to work on avoiding the emotional trap.

2)    Understand the Fallacies– Once you have done a self assessment it is easier for you to realize how such situations has given your environment an advantage to make use of yourself. The environment can be yourself, when you are not forced into the situation, or it can be people around you too. Understanding the fallacies and the mental torture you have gone through make it easy for you to avoid it in future. Also understanding the small nuances of everyday life where people or situation makes you feel like fool gives you a good weapon to avoid them in future.


3)    Condition Yourself- Now that you know that you are emotionally weak and have been used by others it is important to condition yourself to avoid such situations in the future. Conditioning not always mean breaking all relationships and starting everything from scratch. No one but it is you who need to be blamed if something bad has happened to you. The fact that you have given other people chance to exploit yourself makes you more liable for it. The mistake most people make at this stage is that for conditioning themselves they try to break all relationships and start afresh. While this is advisable in certain situations, there are others where you need to condition yourself in the same environment and within same set of people. This is the biggest challenge and you need to win every bit of it. Remember battles are not ignored but are won. Conditioning involves realizing that you can be trapped emotionally and how you can be smart about it. Once you know how people would tend to use you, it becomes easier to devise a plan to fool them in their own game.

4)    Give it a Try– Most people are scared of trying anything believing that it would either hurt themselves or the other person. This attitude forces us back into the trap and makes us more emotionally weak. Take my word- there is no harm in trying to get ourselves out from the situation. You should be smart enough to get your way out and be brave enough to face the consequences head on. Reality is that sometimes the consequences are merely assumptions of human mind which seldom translates into truth. You need to try to break all barriers and condition yourself with time. This will help you to face the bigger nuisances in life.

5)    Be Selfish– Try to be selfish. Sometimes this helps to escape the emotional trap. Thinking too much about too many people sometimes makes us emotionally weak. Avoid stepping yourself in other person shoes or thinking from their mind. Think from your mind and for yourself. There is no harm in doing well for yourself especially when you have realized that you have been at disadvantage because of your emotional behavior. Being Selfish is most effective weapon to avoid some situations in which you hate yourselves to be in.


How to Fight the Emotional Meltdown

This is the situation when you are already experiencing an emotional breakdown and need to get out of it. Sometimes such situations are unavoidable and do forces us in a deep journey of emotional meltdown. The best thing which any human being can do in such situations is to offer self-help and lead a normal life. Following steps would help you to overcome such situation and get your life back in normal track.

1)    Life is Supreme– We need to realize that life is supreme and one need to carry on with it. Many things in our environment depend upon us and it is not easy to ignore them. There are different phases in life and unfortunately emotional breakdown is one of them. The prudence lies in recognizing the importance of life and giving ourselves a new chance to live and believe in it.

2)    Give Yourself Sometime– Time is a big healer. Whenever you face an emotional breakdown it is important to give yourself some time. Time has the power not only to heal wounds but to prepare ourselves for next big challenges in our life. There is no harm in going with the flow of time or putting yourself at mercy of it. Let time guide the changes in your life rather than reacting to them in a cumbersome way. When you cannot think of anything or find yourself to be weak because of circumstances, it is best to let time take its own course and decide things for you.

3)    Change Your Environment- This is most effective solution as new environment has the potential to give us the new energy. Our memories are attached to our environment and so are our emotions. Whenever we face an emotional breakdown it is advisable to change your surroundings and live with things which are new or we are unfamiliar with. New places have a new aura associated with it and they stand our best chance to counter the breakdown situation.

4)    Keep Yourself Busy– Once you are facing an emotional breakdown situation it helps you to take your mind off the situation. A mind with nothing to work on keeps dwelling in things which have potential to hurt and makes you feel ineffective. It is important that you start preoccupying your mind with some important work and avoid keeping it idle. You need to work hard on it as keeping yourself busy along with time has potential to ensure smooth and fast recovery.

5)    Focus on Yourself- It helps to focus on yourself. You need to re align your thoughts and concentrate on your well being. Life is supreme and your existence in this world is nothing less than a truth. You need to think about yourself and should do things which helps you to get more time for yourself. A release of energy through exercises, a check on your health is much desirable and needed to help you come out of emotional meltdown naturally

How to Win in Life after Emotional Meltdown

There is always a life once you have recovered from the situation of emotional breakdown. We need to respect life and plan for it in a manner that all pain and suffering becomes thing of the past and we are left with only memories to cherish them and learn from them. Below are some steps which would help you to align your life once you have recovered from the situation of emotional meltdown.

1)    Never Look back – past is the past and you should never look back in life. Life is a journey and essence of it lies in enjoying and living every bit of it. Some people have habit to dwell in their past and live there present in its shadow. You need to be brave about it. You need to give a fresh start to the life and should never dwell in those things which have potential to hurt you or make you feel bad about yourself.

2)    Learn from Your Experience– Experience is the best teacher one can have in life. Experience has the potential to teach you small nuances of life and how to get smart about them. Once you have recovered from the situation of emotional breakdown it is always advisable to learn from your experience and see what can be changed in future. You cannot change your past but you have the power to change your future. Let experience be your mentor to help you sail through this situation.

3)    Be Strong– You need to be strong and take life heads on. Life is a journey and it is filled with both moments of joy and sorrow. You need to condition yourself in a manner that such situations should make you more emotionally strong than weak. You deserve the right to survive and lead a normal life and you should strive to get it.

4)    Have an Unending Purpose in Life– Look in your environment to get a purpose in life. Each one of us is with a purpose and it is matter of time before we realize it. The purpose can be we, our family, or society but there is definitely a purpose around everything. It is only matter of time before we realize it and start living for it. Well being of yourself can be a purpose of your life and there is perfectly nothing wrong about it.

5)    Cherish the Memories– Memories are precious and they need to be cherished. We can never realize the importance of current life till we have the memories from the past. Memories acts as fuel and helps us to acknowledge our present. It has power to help us work for the future and achieve big things in life. Memories are a part of journey and we should not hesitate to cherish them and believe in them.


Life is certainly the only constant thing and we need to believe in it. Emotional meltdown is a state which at best should be avoided. Many people feel helpless about it and it is always advisable to condition yourself for it. Even if you are currently facing a meltdown situation there is a hope. The hope is not only in the current situation but also in the life after. Your happiness is in your hand and it is prudent to realize it now than after wasting precious years of your life.



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