Communication has been the most powerful tool from million years. It is communication that assists in expressing our views, thoughts and ideas in front of others. Communication has made the world go round. It doesn’t matter what is your background, age or experience if you can communicate effectively and you will be successful in professional as well as successful life. With the help of effective communication, you will be able to achieve whatever you want in your life. If you have self confidence and good articulation then automatically your communication will become effective. There is lot of competition in today’s world so it becomes necessary that you have the knowledge of communicating effectively. Some Elements Of Good Communication Skills are mentioned below:


  • Credibility: While communicating with your colleague or employee, the listener will believe in whatever you are saying. So, if there is any factual mistake or if any mistake is being repeated again and again then it will raise question in the mind of a listener and he may disbelieve on whatever you are saying. 
  • Unfailing: Repetition, with slight distinction is very important in your communication. But you must keep the essentials, story and consistency in your communication. If particulars change or anything misses in the communication, it will loose its reliability.

  • Channels: Communication has been the most effective tool from long time and various channels can be used for communication. For written communication, you can use e-mail, newsletters or memos. You can use cassette for audiovisual means. This is an effective element of good communication. 
  • Proper combination should be there between internal and external communication: There must be proper integration between what you are telling to your employees or colleagues and what you are telling to your customers. Similarly, there should be a proper integration between the thing you are telling your people and the thing told by external media.  
  • Proper timing: No matter how clearly your message has been expressed and well presented but if it reaches at the wrong time, it might be neglected. More often old news is worse than no news. So, presenting the message on right time is very essential and channel used for it must be appropriate.  
  • Right tone should be used: Another element of good communication is the right tone that should be used. The communication which is very important must be told with full enthusiasm so that it can be followed by the listener in the way you want. Thus, while conveying the message, use the right tone. 
  • A two way process: Communication is a two way process. If you convey your message to the listener but you don’t get any feedback from the other side, there will be no meaning of conveying your message. A good communication is incomplete if any of the side doesn’t response.  
  • Potential of the audience: The success or failure of communication depends on the word choose, structure of sentence and information. Organization must be done according to the potential of the listener. If you use very heavy language or words, it may be possible that the listener may not be able to understand your message.  
  • Way of expressing: While communicating, try not to be too fast or slow and look straight as well keep light smile on the face. Never use such words which show superciliousness. First think and feel that what are you going to say and avoid being too formal; just be simple, calm and natural. 
  • Response: Response, feedback or reaction of the listener to the message shows that how well the message has been understood and how it can be improved. The listener can give his feedback by questioning or making comments.  
  • What’s in it for me factor should be there: Before listening to any message, a listener first think that what kind of benefit he will get by listening the message because humans first see their own benefit in everything. For example, you have made an electronic gadget and you want to show it to your neighbor. For this, first you have to inform him that what kind of benefit he may achieve from it then only he will be interested in listening you. 
  • Properly dress up: Half of the confidence and respect from the listener comes automatically if you are well dressed up and your dressing sense makes a great impact on the listener. This is an important element of good communication so, always wear neat and clean dress whether you are in formal dress or informal. Even you hair style must have an ethical look.   
  • Proper linkage: When you are communicating or delivering any message, just check that there is a proper link in your message. If your message contains two opposite faces of coin at the same time then it will loose its importance and meaning for the listener. Always remember that your message should be in a structured and planned way.

  • Always be flexible: While communicating, you must be prepared for making any kind of flexibility. After completing the message, move on by reaching on any decision, negotiating or solving a problem. 
  • Let others speak: For an effective communication, let others also speak because only that communication can be effective in which both the sides get the chance to keep their views in front of others. 

Language is the most powerful instrument as it is the only way to express your thoughts and feelings in front of others so, it must be done in a very effective manner. Language can be used very effectively in any way so that it will be of great help in every field of life. For effective communication, above mentioned Elements Of Good Communication Skills skills must be used.




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