Noise pollution which is also referred to as noise disturbances has some terrible side effects not just on man but also on other animals. Here are some of the effects of noise pollution on man.

Hearing disorder

Loud sound can result to hearing problem especially when one is constantly exposed to it. Many people working with machines that generate a lot of noise or work in a noisy environment often develop hearing. This is also the same with the soldiers in the war front. This is why industries are now required to provide their workers with earbud to protect the ear drums from noise. Exposure to deafening sound can make a person to develop hearing problems.

Hypertension and other health issues

One of the health related side effects of exposure to noisy environment is hypertension. Hypertensive patients are required to stay in calm environment because it has difficult through studies that exposure to noise can result in rise in blood pressure. Besides high blood pressure, there are other health conditions which can become worse under noisy environment. Noise can worsen or even lead to disturbed sleep. Stress and fatigue are other health related condition that have been linked to noise. If you are stressed up and fatigue, you are not expected to remain under a noisy environment as such environment can worsen their conditions.

Lack of concentration and poor memory

Staying in or working under a noisy environment can also result in lack of concentration and poor memory. If you are studying under a noisy environment or you have a discussion with a group of people in a noise environment, you will not be able to concentrate or you may  become disorganized and fumble while communication. In other words, noise pollution can obstruct effective communication.

Cardiovascular problem

As mentioned above, noise pollution can result in high blood pressure and stress. These health conditions are linked to heart related issues. If your blood pressure rises, your heart rate may also increase. These condition will increase your chances of having heart related problems because they disrupt the normal flow of blood.

Aggressive behavior and fighting

There are cases or stories of people sharing flats or room fighting or quarreling because one makes a lot of noise thereby getting on the nerve of the other. Most people ended quarreling or fighting.