According to opinion Research Corporation, American labor force deeply frowns at the lack of communication flow from manager to other lower levels. Compared to dealing with snooping colleagues, they (American labors) find the lack of communication more irritating. About 11% of males against 6% of females surprisingly declares their irritation of this anomaly and would want it to discontinue. The effects of lack of communication in a business can be very dangerous because it has to do with withholding important information from vital quarters. If there it is so important, why do people engage in such act? The power tussle inherent in the “master and servant” operation is sometimes responsible for it. The manager who happen to be the master so to speak, sometimes feels so ignorantly important as to go to an extent of withholding very vital information from their subordinates for reasons restricted to ego, pride and self-righteousness, not to talk of ignorance and foolishness. Information is the key of any organization and a firm that must move forward must have the right information at the right time and this is done solely via the forces of communication. Discussing the effects of lack of communication in a business is actually a wide exercise because a whole lot of things is taking into cognizance; first is the relevance of communication and information in the office place and its effect in the company’s long term and short term goals. All these are tackled in the consequence of lack of communication in a corporate entity.


Communication And It’s Relevance


In today’s 21st century communication has become a major and vital key in the system. Communication is what oils the wheel of information, the information age as this century is tagged is made possible by forces of communication. Communication is the passing of information from one place to another. Without the devices or forces of communication, messages, tips, letters, speech, and all other information merchandise cannot be disseminated. A communication device therefore makes information convenient and possible. Some of the forces or devices of communication are: telephone, internet, email, fax, posts, telegram etc. Imagine what will happen if these devices where not available, information will be stagnant. For instance in an office there is a new sales policy, what do you think will happen if there is no way this information is passed on to the relevant department i.e. the sales department? Maybe the information in the policy have something with the strategies that can be applied in sales and tips of places the company’s product or services must be promoted and not promoted for legal purposes? What will happen is that, the sales personnel ignorant of the information will carry on business as usual, missing the tips that could have increased their sales efforts and add to it selling at an illegal point that led to legal problems. The effect is this; the company will lose money and possibly face legal scandals.


Fortunately, due to technological breakthrough the problem that leads to the effect of lack of communication in a business has nothing to do with unavailability of communication devices, but availability of business decorum amongst the authorities involved starting from the high brow, self important coxcomb managers in some corporate entity, who find it below their league to associate with subordinates. Do you know that not disseminating information at the right time constitutes one of the reasons for business failure aside from improper execution of information? This is just one of the effects of lack of communication in a business others are:


The Consequences Of Lack Of Information In A Business


1.                  Inadequate communication leads to inadequate workplaces: Communication problem in a business does not only happen between managers and subordinate alone, it can also affect customers. When there is a breakdown of communication from the head to the necessary department, it will affect the operation in the workplace and eventually the customer. When this happens begins to expect low patronage, low sales and low profits.

2.                  Confusion: Another effects of lack of communication in a business is that it brings about confusion in the business.

3.                  It impedes progress

4.                  Destroys customer and client relationship

5.                  Can bring about bankruptcy

6.                  Hatred and Animosity

7.                  Increase problems that go with been unemployed example: health challenges like: depression, insomnia. Others are social ills, financial crisis etc.


Communication is vital and must be treated as such. The upper level management ought to make sure that there is an easy flow of communication from the upper level down to the supervisory level. This is also vital for other types of business is it: sole proprietorship, partnership etc, when this happens, the effects of lack of communication in a business will not be their portion.

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