The quality of air we breathe affects the quality of our life. If we breathe in good air, we will not have any problem health wise. But the revise is the case if we breathe in polluted air. Unfortunately, our environmental air including our indoor air has become polluted. There are many ways in which our environmental air becomes polluted and its quality reduced. Air pollution is a terrible consequence civilization and industrialization of the society. The use of automotive and chemicals in the production of goods as well as the discharge of exhaust fumes and unwanted chemicals into the atmosphere is the major culprit here. Air pollution has terrible consequences and effects to the atmosphere and human beings. Here are the effects of air pollution.

Effects of air pollution on the environment

Global warming is no longer is no longer a scientific fiction or simple hypothesis put up by a researching or inquiring scientist. It is reality facing now today. Both human beings and wildlife including marine life are suffering the effect of global warming. Air pollution is one of the major causes of global warming. Huge quantity of gases such as green gases and carbon monoxide are released to the atmosphere in many ways in the society today. Though these gases have their benefits when they are available in considerable amount in the atmosphere, but the presence of huge amount of these gases in the atmosphere can have a terrible and damaging effects on us. We are protected by the ozone layer from the direct UV rays from the sun. But when these gases are released in large amount in the atmosphere, they destroy the ozone layer and thus expose us to the scorching heat from the sun. Since, we have little protection above, our environment is becoming hotter and hotter. This is refer to as global warming.

The sea, rivers and lakes are becoming hotter as a result of the global warming. This does help the marine life. Each specie of fish and other types of aquatic animals have certain temperature under which they can adapt. Those that cannot cope with high temperature in the ocean or that cannot adapt to situation are gradually dying off. The same thing is applicable to the terrestrial wildlife. The air they breathe is no longer pure and of high quality. As a result, the quality of their lives begin to dwindle. Gradually, some of them will die off.

Effects of on man

air pollution has terrible effect on man's existence on earth. We breathe in oxygen in order to survive and then exhale carbon dioxide. But unfortunately, our environmental and indoor air has become mixed up and polluted with dangerous gases. These gases can cause damage to our respiratory organs especially the lungs when we breathe them in. Many people have developed lung problem or have other types of respiratory health condition as a result of air pollution. It can cause suffocation and even death. Air pollution also causes skin irritation and also reduces visibility.

You can see why you should try to purify the quality of your indoor air and do any possible to avoid air pollution.