What do you think- Is Drinking Too Much Water a Good or Bad thing. Contrary to beliefs there can be many effects of drinking too much water. Water is one of the most essential elements for the survival of human beings. Water is indispensable and really necessary for the proper and optimal working of our body.60% to 70% of our body’s weight consists of water. Body functions can not be performed without the aid of water. Sufficient amount of water is required for the proper working of the human body as it has to perform many functions of vital importance in our body like:


·        It regulates the temperature of our body

·        It regulates the metabolism process.

·        It is essential for the transportation of oxygen and required nutrients to body cells.

·        It performs Moisturizing of air

·        It helps in digestion

·        Moisturizing and protection of our joints

·        Removal of wastes from body


Significance of sufficient Water Intake- Considering above function and many other crucial factions of our body, drinking a sufficient and healthy amount of water is of vital importance to our health. If a healthy amount of water is not being provided to our body, then we can suffer from dehydration which can cause even death. Dehydration is really fatal and deleterious, and possible consequences are weariness, hemicranias, irregularity in blood pressure, dry skin problem, kidney failure and in some cases probably death. That’s why doctors recommend a healthy water intake daily. Drinking sufficient  water daily is not only essential for the proper functioning of your body, but it also helps you to look more younger and makes you more healthier. Skin and sufficient water intake are inseparable healthy and radiant skin is only possible if we drink a healthy quantity of water daily. risk of cancer is also reduced to an extent with the help of sufficient and proper intake of water. Proper hydration is essential for proper health.


Drinking Too Much Water- We all are aware of the significance of drinking water. But contrary to common belief, drinking too much water can prove fatal and really deleterious. There are many effects of drinking too much water. It seems to be a surprising statement, but it has been proved by latest medical research drinking too much water can lead to water intoxication, which can raise several crucial health issues and emergency. It does not mean that drinking sufficient quantity of water is deleterious to health. No; not at all. In fact some people like athletes, laborers and sportsmen consume extra amount of water in their daily routines, so they drink more than common individuals. They can suffer from water intoxication in consequence of heavy intake of water.


Water intoxication: Drinking too much water causes swelling of your body tissues. Excess water pulls out the sodium from the cell of our body which results in disturbance of electrolytic balance. This phenomenon is known as water intoxication and it is one of the most common effects of drinking too much water. There are some deleterious health issues regarding water intoxication. Swelling of tissues and Electrolytic imbalance causes

·        Irregularity in heart beat

·        Palpitating eyelids

·        Entrance of water into lungs

·        Pressure on nervous system

·        Seizures

·        Coma

And in some cases even death can be occurred due to water intoxication. Proper treatment is necessary before the swelling of tissues, because fatal health issues and cellular damages are related to the phenomenon of tissue swelling.

Dinking too much water should be avoided in order to prevent you from above mentioned health risks. Water intoxication also occurs in infants, and it could be vary fatal leading to the death of infant.


Hyponatremia: Hyponatremia is also a consequence and one of common effects of drinking too much water. When dehydrated person intakes too much water then he can suffer from Hyponatremia. This problem is related to the dilution of sodium in our body. Water intoxication leads to this serious problem of Hyponatremia dehydrated or thirsty person drinks water quickly without sufficient pause. Hyponatremia is a consequence of sodium dilution. Sodium dilution causes electrolytic imbalance. And probably death can be occurred due to Hyponatremia. Two years ago a marathon runner died in Boston due to Hyponatremia. In fact issue of drinking too much water and its deleterious effects was raised after his death.

Suggestions: Water intoxication and Hyponatremia are serious health issues but it does not mean that we should avoid from sufficient water intake. These cases are rare and specific to infants, athletes and those persons who consume more quantity of water daily. Minimum 8 to 10 glasses of water are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Quick intake of a considerable quantity of water can be dangerous. We should also avoid water intake while running. Effects of Drinking too much water without sufficient pauses can be really deleterious. We should also avoid taking part in water intake competitions. It can be extremely dangerous. Always remember that a moderate approach is the best. Extremists suffer from fatal disasters. Athletes and sportsmen should be very careful regarding drinking too much water.




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